Friday, 27 February 2009

I Survived J-Card Members' Day

Hahaha... Glad to inform you I survived the two days without too much of a damage to my purse or Zaini's wallet for that matter.

Unlike in previous years, MidValley's J-Card Members' day was held for two days this year (on Feb 24th & 25th) and they only opened from 10.00am - 11.00pm. I like it better when they opened at 7.00 am because I can spend my mornings choosing things before going in to work.

Bought packs of Twister Orange Juice at RM9.99 at the supermarket, and got this kodomo bento for lunch. No need to waste my lunch break looking for other place to eat! Time should be used for shopping! LOL

Instead of clothes and bed sheets & comforters; which were usually the normal items we spent much of our $$$ on, both Zaini and I went looking around on the toys & children's floor.

Keroro Gunso figures went for 50% discount. Woooo

Ultraman action figures on the other hand, was only 20% cheaper. No Ultraman figurs for Raimie this time

Hello Kitty pillows were 50% off

Thomas & Friends train sets also went for 50% off

Kamen Rider Hibiki and Power Rangers sold at a bargain price after 70% discount

A very restraint moi only got this for herself and Raimie. Perfumes and a pair of Hush Puppies shoes for me and a new B-Daman figure for Raimie to have a battle with the Cobalt Saber Fire that we bought earlier and a body wash. For Zaini? I was way too busy to think about his stuff. :Evil laugh: (But no lah, he had nothing to buy that day)


  1. When I hear of J Card Members''s a reminder to stay away from MidValley for awhile until after the shopping spree coz the mall would be jam packed with ppl and crazy traffic! Glad to know it's over...I was just thinking of hitting the mall.

  2. You got away lightly by the sound of it.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    interestingly, the first day of J-Card Members' Day was quite quiet. But second day was much busier (but the jam on 25th can be attributed by the heavy downpour too, right?) You might want to reconsider your visit as not only Jusco is having their Sale now, Isetan has one too and Robinson's is having a preview tonight!

    no casualties this time! LOL

  4. Hi,don't you like SENTAI hero?
    Now I watch Shinkenjer every Sunday.
    I hope you would love it as Ultraman! ;-)

  5. Hmmm...I'm not a Jusco member *sighs*

  6. Raimie is a happy boy that day! haha.... so many toys to choose from! Mummy is pleased too. :)

  7. Everytime there's a Jusco member Card Day, the road outside 1Utama will be jam packed and it will take me half an hour to just get through that road!! So I will avoid it like the plague!

    I expect Mid Valley to be worse, since it already suffers from traffic jam without Jusco sales!

    One way to avoid the jam is be there as early as possible before 10am! Haha. But you did buy quite a lot of things. Well, it's really worth it with all those discounts! : )

  8. @Nyanko,
    Shinkenjer is yet to arrive Malaysian shore. We only read about it in Terrebi-kun & Terebi-Mag magazines. Anyway, the rangers that do arrive here all the US version not the Japanese verion - like instead of Boukenger, we get Power Rangers Operation PowerDrive. :)
    My personal favourite other than Ultraman is Kamen Rider Den-O. :)

    can always borrow other people card mah. :D

    he was. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend too! Will it be another busy weekend for you?

    discounts and get vouchers too after all that shopping, that's why people still thronged the place despite the jam.

  9. Hi,lina
    Oh,Kamen Rider Deno is my favorite, too!
    I had been mad at them, my desktop pictures are all Deno! ;-)

  10. @Nyanko,
    A Den-O fan too. Yay! :D


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