Saturday, 21 February 2009

Lunch At Ninja Jones Izakaya, Northpoint

I do feel that this blog is turning into a food blog. Well, one way to immerse oneself in a different culture is by enjoying the food, right? :D

The three of us went to Ninja Jones Izakaya at Northpoint on Feb 14. I had initially wanted to go to Xenri, but as I wrote earlier, Zaini doesn't like all that hassle of going to a new place in search of food. :(

I might have issues with the food served, but the ambiance here was definitely tops. The decor was quite nice even if it was a tad too dark but it makes for great romantic place to have dinner for two, I guess. Especially nice to see (for both kids and adults) the novelty of having servers coming in full ninja attire. No photo of them because Raimie simply refused to take photo with them.

Service was prompt and fast but I do wish that the waitress be more knowledgeable of the menu instead of having to verify anything we asked to someone more senior (which seems to be a common occurrence in quite a few restaurants here).

The atmosphere here was lively despite the dark decor with the staff hollering and "onegai-shimasu'ing" and orders to each other - for an izakaya atmosphere, I presume?

Raimie enjoying his chawan mushi

My sashimi and tempura set (I forgot the actual name). The beef wasn't as nice and tender as Yuzu's

Close-up on the sashimi. It was't that fresh either

Zaini with his usual choice: unagi set

Raimie's caterpillar maki

Raimie enjoying his dessert

All smiles after a lunch


  1. I heard of Ninjajones but don't think I'll give it a go since I don't quite fancy fusion cuisine. I prefer authentic Japanese food :)

  2. Why Zaini always order unagi all the time? LOL! I love unagi too but I won't order it all the time. Sashimi not that fresh? I don't like sashimi that is not fresh! I always judge a Japanese restaurant by how fresh their sashimi is.

  3. @MT,
    Is Ninja Jones fusion? I had no idea.

    hahaha... he realised that I'm going to post this and about his usual unagi order, he made sure he didn't take a single unagi plate when we ate at Sushi Zanmai for dinner yesterday. LOL

  4. It is becoming a food blog. lol

    Look at that cute caterpillar maki! Too cute to eat. :)

  5. Its okay if it's turning into a food blog, Lina. I enjoy reading your food adventure :) Yum yum ...

  6. I think, lunch and travel plays a very vital role in our lives. So, it is essential to describe the ways and happiness through our blogs. Like here.

  7. It looks a little fusionish based on that caterpillar. But the place looks great.

  8. @ECL,
    and the cute caterpillar was eaten in record time. Hehehe

    thanks, :)

    @India on wheel,
    how very true

    noted. The place was great, just wish the food was awesome too. :(

  9. I read about it somewhere that it's fusion...or I could be wrong. But since quality's not that go for me :)

  10. Lol, I believe the waitress is having a hard time memorizing the menu and the stuff inside the dishes. I remembered having to memorize over 100 dishes when I was working at a japanese restaurant. So do be soft on her XD

    Other than that I just love Raimie smiling, and this is his first time in school uniform I believe? And hi Lina, I finally get to see you. Wah you're really gracefully pretty la. Of course abang Zaini (some honorifics lol) is also quite fit and handsome-looking ehehe :D

  11. The staff are dressed in ninjas' uniform? Hilarious. I would have choked on my food whenever I see them. Have they got their faces hidden as well? :P

    C K

  12. @MT,
    maybe for a gimmicky meal or a themed one or for a drink, this place is great. :)

    hahaha, thanks for the compliments. Fat auntie lah. XD
    You worked in a Japanese restaurant before? Cool! Can pick your brains for good menu choices in future.

    Yes, and with their face covered. But only the male servers wear ninja uniforms. Unfortunately they didn't do any ninja stunts, otherwise lagi cool!

  13. Really? Haha! Next time I see him ordering unagi again in your blog, I'm going to comment. Haha! : )

  14. I like the caterpillar maki! I miss eating makis!

  15. @foong,
    deal! :)

    it was on Valentine's Day. :)

    wish I can send you some. :D


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