Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pasta Zanmai at Mid Valley

This was our second visit to Pasta Zanmai. The first one was to Pasta Zanmai in One Utama. A second visit was inevitable as we got a RM20 voucher from our earlier visit and the voucher is expiring soon.

Mid Valley's outlet felt more spacious than One Utama, although I think both are about the same size. I think it's due to the mirror wall on one side of the outlet that made it look more spacious.

Current promotion at Pasta Zanmai - Rice Set. I had Niku Onsen Tamago rice set and Zaini had Unagi Onsen Tamago Rice Set, both at RM19 per set. No photo of our sets, though. My bad. :P

My Niku set was nice, but I think Sushi Zen's was much nicer than this one. A word of caution for anyone going to Pasta Zanmai and want to order Unagi. After two visits, unagi was the last item to come to our table. Both Raimie and I had almost finished our food by the time Zaini's unagi set was brought to him.

Raimie went for the Hamburg (RM18). Yummy!

Our drinks - Today Fresher at RM12 per jug.

Zaini enjoying his Unagi Onsen Tamago Rice Set. Sets came with a bowl of miso soup and salad.

Raimie enjoying his miso soup. This is one boy who loves his miso soup.

Service was fast and friendly. No complains here, especially as I only paid RM58.20 for the meal (with RM20 voucher that we got during our previous visit).


  1. I saw this place in MidValley. Any relation to Sushi Zanmai over at the Gardens?

    Lina, you mentioned there's a food court at the Gardens...which floor is it located? I was trying to find the place on Sunday but couldn't locate it.

  2. @MT,
    it's on the same floor as Borders & Sushi Zanmai (actually it is located beside Borders) on 3rd Floor.

    Yes, Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Zen & Pasta Zanmai are all under Super Sushi Management.

  3. salam lina,

    how wonderful to be able to eat all the Japanese meat dishes. Too bad we can't do the same thing here.

  4. Definitely worth eating with the RM20 voucher! Yummy!! : )

  5. @Kak Lela,
    yes, we are luck to be able to enjoy meat here at many restaurants. Takpe, next time you come here, I belanja you. Deal?

    even without the voucher, it was still a good deal. :)

  6. Kak Lela,
    lucky not luck. Type too fast. :D

  7. Miso is a versatile ingredient. Besides using it to make soup, I use it for a gravy for Saba fish. Delicious!

  8. Miso is.....addictive (can't find the right word), once you take a sip you can't help taking more lol.

    Actually without a discount the meal would be quite expensive (even for JB standards), so the RM20 voucher was real handy :D

  9. @Life Ramblings,
    Yum yum. :P

    Oooo sounds delicious. :)

    Japanese food even at food court already expensive what. Imagine paying RM13.90 for food court and just RM19 for a set (with salad and miso) at a nice restaurant. :D (But I wouldn't say no to any voucher!)

  10. It isn't nice to have to wait for your meal. I guess Eel is off the menu then.

    BTW, you should rotate your images before you upload them. :-)

  11. bestnya set unagi...

  12. @Contamination,
    it wasn't rotated on purpose. :D

    masih di Hokkaido? Bestnya holiday! :P

  13. Hehe Lina I guess you're right :)


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