Thursday, 12 February 2009

Raimie's New Obession: B-Daman Toys

Raimie had been bugging us to buy one of those B-Daman toys for him for ages.

We told him to wait and save up but as luck would have it, he got some ang pow during the Chinese New Year so he insisted on buying one even though one cost RM39.90. Why are all these toys so expensive (and why do we keep buying them??!!!)

This photo happened to be the first few photos taken with my new SE K770i.

But of course, he wasn't the one assembling it; Zaini had the honors of doing that job!

I give him about a week before he lose the shooting marble.

Here, Battle B-Daman is shown on NTV7, every Saturday at noon and B-Daman Fire Spirits on Astro Ceria (channel 611) every Monday to Thursday at 3.00pm. Unfortunately, both are dubbed in Malay. (If you ever read my posts, you should know that I hate dubbed TV shows)

Yamato Delgato is a special 11-year old boy who only dreams of playing the official sport of the B-DaWorld - B-Daman! B-DaWorld is a place where its inhabitants are humans, anthropomorphic animals, and robots. This is a story of Yamato and his friends' journey to learn about the sport of B-Daman, the value of friendship, and have fun along the way and to save B-DaWorld from the evil Shadow Alliance!


  1. Your little one must be enjoying his new toy :)

  2. @MBL/Mei Teng,
    Still used to writing MBL. :D
    Yes, he enjoyed playing with them, so much he won't allow friends to play with it! LOL

  3. "shooting marble"? I take it that it comes with the toy? Hmm, love assembling models myself. It's really a guy's thing isn't it? :)

  4. Could you show us a pic of the assembled B-Daman? I really want to see it hehe

    PS: I hate dubbed shows too, Korean dramas dubbed in Chinese are stupid :D

  5. Toys are crazily expensive...yes it

    I like assembling models too...yay!

  6. @CK,
    Toys for boys. The shooting marble did come with the figure, but there are marbles sold separately too at Rm16.90. Imagine!

    OK, I'll post one on Sunday, just for you. :)

    You must like Gundam too? My brother-in-laws are super crazy about them. That & the Sergeant Keroro figures. We bought a few from Japan at 525yen (just over RM15) instead of paying almost RM30 if bought here for them as souvenirs.

  7. toys are costly.good thinking in recession period.

  8. sounds like raimie is having fun with his new toy.

    my son enjoys toy assembling very much. :)

  9. Guys just love to take things apart and put things together. haha.... my son does that all the time.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day, Lina!
    Enjoy your couple moments. :)

  11. @Santosh,
    There's no need to splurge on toys during recession. :D This is a treat for him, otherwise, we won't buy them.

    @Life Ramblings,
    Boys are like that. Hahaha

    Seems all guys love to do it. :D

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too. The three of us just came back from a nice lunch at Ninja Jones Izakaya. :)

  12. Yes, I also wonder why those toys so expensive? As to why you all keep buying them, it's because you all are a Japan mad family! You see? Resistance is futile! Haha!

    I hate dubbed shows too. It's better they show it in the original language and provide the subtitles. Heck, that's how I watched all those Mandarin shows. Don't know what they are talking about 80% of the time, but still enjoy watching cos of the subtitles!

    And I wonder why those cartoon shows that is dubbed in BM always use the same voices, the same people doing the voice overs? Sometimes get a bit irritated by them! LOL!

  13. @foong,
    same with the shows dubbed in Cantonese. They all sound the same. :D
    I agree that showing it in the original language is much better, even though like you, I might not understand all of them. But proper and quality sub-titles is a MUST!

  14. Looks like an awesome toy.

    Don't break the tube though!

  15. dah kena tag... so buatla ye..

  16. @cContamination,
    It is awesome, and I'll make sure nothing gets broken by those marbles. :D

    tahnks for the tag but alamak! Very the lazy buat tag. Heh Heh


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