Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Another Visit To Sushi Zanmai, Gardens Mall

This was our fourth or fifth visit since our post about Sushi Zanmai earlier. Just wanted to post some pictures of the place instead of the food this time.

Queuing for our table. There's always a queue at Sushi Zanmai during lunch and dinner

The front portion of the restaurant. It's a perpetual autumn here at Sushi Zanmai. Haha

Chefs at work

Deciding on what to eat and checking out the sushi on the conveyor belt

Sushi zooming away

Raimie with his Chuka Iidako

The inner portion of the restaurant

By the way, if you are planning to visit Sushi Zanmai/Pasta Zanmai/ buy stuff at Shojikiya in March, do pick up a copy of Panora from Jusco and cut out the coupon inside to save some $$$ while dining/shopping at one of the three outlets.

Panora Magazine

RM10 off at Pasta Zanmai for RM50 spent at the outlet

RM10 off at Sushi Zanmai for RM50 spent at the outlet

RM5 off at Shojikoya for RM100 spent


  1. I like the food here..esp the salmon don :)

  2. Aiya, I sampai skrg xbuleh telan benda mentah kat Mesia. Takut tak fresh. Camne ek?

  3. thanks for the recommendation. must drop by when i'm in KL.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    me too. Better than Sakae Sushi and waaaaayy better than Sushi King. :)

    takpa, makan puas-puas kat Jepun. :D Maybe if you visit the upscale places, ok lah kot. Dah try Gonbei?

    @Life Ramblings,
    Call me if you do. I should be around Gardens area on weekdays. :)

  5. Hi Lina,Selamat malam! :-D
    There is a very wonderful Sushi restaurant, isn't there?
    I'm learning Malay now, it's easy to pronunce for me but I'm not so young to learn new laungage...

  6. @Nyanko,
    Konbawa. Wow, you are learning Malay? That's great! And yes, it is an easy language to learn. :)
    Maybe we can learn and teach each other? :D

    It is a good sushi restaurant but I'm afraid it is not comparable with Sushi Zanmai in Japan yet.

  7. Gonbei kat ne? Bleh paw my father when I go home next time.

  8. What I liked was the chefs at work, the Panora magazine and Raimie having chuka iidako. Honestly speaking I cannot eat chuka iidako - very scared of raw (and raw-preserved) stuff except salmon XD

    Panora magazine all in Japanese?

  9. @Farah,
    kat Starhill. Super duper damn expensive tho. :D

    thanks. :D Chula iidako is his fave. :)

    Yep, Panora is in Japanese, but even for non-Japanese reader like me, it's fun to look at the photos inside not to mention the coupons!

  10. what I meant about "non-japanese reader" is someone who can't even read Japanese. :D

  11. You come here so frequent, I should try it when I'm in Malaysia. :)

  12. This outlet is not as packed as the one in 1Utama right? Everytime I see long queue at the 1Utama outlet - never get to eat there!

    I no longer like Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. Not enough variety so felt a bit boring.

    Btw, have you been to Kiku Zakura?

  13. @ECL,
    it's convenient, affordable and the food is nice. Can't beat all that!

    Call me if you ever come to Gardens Mall. :)

    Yeah, 1 U is more packed. I never get to eat there too!

    Kiku Zakura in Mid Valley? Not yet. I heard it is nice.


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