Thursday, 19 March 2009

Conversations In the Lift

It is mid-March. Soon, it'll be April. Time does fly. People seem to notice that I have not gone missing from work yet. Thus, these conversations were struck in the lift by fellow colleagues with yours truly.

Conversation 1
Colleague : It's school holiday already, right? You are not taking any leave?
Me : No, not till Friday.
Colleague : Eh! You are not going to Japan this year? I thought you go there every year?
Me : Er.... no, not this year.
Colleague : Yah, so expensive to Japan, right?
Me : Not as expensive as your trip to Europe.

Conversation 2
Colleague : Did you go to MATTA Fair the other day?
Me : No
Colleague : There are lots of good bargains for holidays. So, did you book your ticket to Japan yet?
Me : No, we're not going to Japan yet.
Colleague : Really? I thought you go there every year?
Me : No no no... Not this year

Conversation 3

Colleague : Ah! You are the person I was looking for!
Me : Indeed? Why?
Colleague : I'm thinking of vacationing in Japan. But it is expensive. I need some advice.
Me : Sure, where are you planning to go?
Colleague : Well... I was looking through all these travel packages and I want to know your input on them. By the way, when are you going back this year?
Me : Sigh.... Maybe no trip this year
Colleague : I thought you go there every year?

Conversation 4

Colleague : How come you are still here?
Me : Why? Was I suppose to be somewhere else?
Colleague : I thought this is the time you go off to Japan?
Me : Big sigh... no, not this year

Conversation 5
Supplier : Lina, nice to finally meet you
Me : Nice to meet you too
Supplier : Is it true that you always go to Japan?
Me : Eh? How did you know
Supplier : Your colleagues were telling me about it earlier when you were away on leave

Can you see the pattern here? Even though I'm trying hard not to be obsessed with Japan this year, there are *well meaning" people who keep on reminding me about Japan.

If I get RM1 every time someone asked me about my impending trip (or the lack of it) to Japan, I think I can finance my vacation to Singapore already. Hmph!


  1. Kesian dia teringat ingat Jepun hehehe
    Takpe byk thn lg ada.

  2. Looks like your enthusiasm for Japan has a reputation now.

  3. @Farah,
    yea yea, asal nyawa masih ada, masih ada peluang nak ke sana.

    I'm to go to person in regards to Japan in my office. Secretaries wanting to apply visas for their bosses would even call and check with me first before contacting the Embassy! LOL

  4. Martin,
    I'm writing nonsense up there. What I meant was " I'm the go to person"

  5. salam lina,

    still waiting for you, b4 my back breaks on me :-)

  6. Lina, you're the Japan lady and you can't run away from being associated with anything Japanese...hehe :)

    I think their questions make you miss Japan even more isn't?

  7. So Lina, when are you going to Japan? LOL! Just kidding! I'm asking you this question so you can get RM1 and accumulate enough to finance your trip to Japan. Haha!

  8. Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
    will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
    Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

  9. there's always a next time. i'm sure you'll make it next round. :):)

  10. @Kak Lela,
    I'd love to touch Okinawan soil and meet u too. Wait for me!

    @Mei Teng,
    yes, felt like I really need to go to Japan.

    Never mind, you owe me RM1! LOL

    why, thank you.

    @Life Ramblings,
    yes, if not this year, there'll be other years.

    Like some said, I should send Raimie to Japan for after his SPM, study there, get married to a Japanese girl and we can always go to Japan then. LOL

    Anyway, whoever planning to check out the JAL promotion, you guys can do so from today! Cheap cheap cheap as JAL is lowering their surcharges from Apr 1!

  11. Well, you do go to Japan a lot.

  12. @sixmats,
    the trade-off is we don't get to go elsewhere!

    Hmm... maybe I should try to get sponsors for my trips there. LOL

  13. Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..

  14. Lina lets hope you never get stuck in the lift with some of your colleagues!

  15. Hey, when are you going to Japan? LOL! Just kidding. Japan is a country where I would very much like to go to. :)

  16. I'll wait for your trip to Singapore, maybe I can meet up with you then! xD

  17. @umeko,
    thanks. :)

    I don't get stuck with them that often as I'm always in the office war early than the rest of staff and I go off late. :)

    another RM1 for me! LOL

    let's keep our fingers crossed then! :)

  18. Japan is expensive whether its hotels or food or souvenirs. I enjoy my Japan trips but would prefer to go somewhere worth the money spent. :)

  19. Welcome to sunny Singapore then!

  20. Why everyone is so obsessed with your trip to Japan?

  21. @ECL,
    I alway stay in cheap hotels (those RM300 or less per night) and buy cheap souvenirs so I don't feel our trips too expensive. LOL

    Because we are Japan Mad (foong always reminded me about this, right foong?) it seems like only Japan is worth spending money own. Crazy or not? XD

    yeah, I'll be touching S'pore soil come June 8th!

    because I'm popular? LOL

    Well, it make good conversation while being stuck in the lift, other than talking about the weather. :P

  22. ECL,
    spending money on, not spending money own. So poor at typing. ^_^

  23. Eh, you and JL meeting up in Singapore? I also want lah!! : (


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