Friday, 6 March 2009

JAL Kuala Lumpur 50th Anniversary Special

Man, I wish I can fly to Japan. Sob sob

Starts from RM1,350 for a return flight - now that's a bargain!

Get your JMB card ready and let's fly to Japan!

I'm sorely tempted to scrap our Singapore holiday plan and go to Tokyo instead! LOL


  1. I think still too expensive for me lah : ) Luckily I am not Japan mad! LOL!

  2. @Mei Teng,
    wanna go too? :)

    ya lor, if you are Japan Mad, everything about Japan oso cheap one! LOL

  3. That's only air ticket. What about accommodation, entrance to places of interest and food?

    I'll check if there's any promo in Singapore. :)

  4. Are you kidding me? A choice between Singapore and Tokyo? Is that even a choice at all? :)

    Hmm, there must be some catch to it. Do you know that Ryanair is thinking of charging people for using the airplanes' toilets? Well, you never know...

  5. Well, I want to go to Malaysia. Maybe we can switch places for a week.

  6. @A Singaporean in London (is it CK or Twinkletoe?),
    we'll only know after Mar 20th. That's when we can start calling up to check on this promo.

    Swell! When are you coming then?:P

  7. the air ticket is rather expensive to me.
    you have to take into account many factors which is like what ECL mentioned.

  8. @Life Ramblings,
    RM1,350.00 is rather cheap considering MAS fare starts from RM1,060 one way. Of course the cheapest we ever [aid for our tickets was RM900++ (before tax) years ago. :)
    The problem with us is, we are OK with splurging more than RM10K to go to Japan but balked at having to pay RM2,000 to go for a domestic trip!

  9. Lina,

    Come la time Autumn pulak....hehehe...
    tak pon sakura...cantek tauuuu!!!

  10. @Su,
    insyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki. :D Niat di hati nak ke sana end-Nov, tapi tak confirm lagi - tengok pembentangan bajet tahunan dulu. Hehehe... Hopefully end of year ada lagi promotion JAL.

  11. If you are going this month, you would see sakura blossoms. It would be worth the money then. :)

    Mau pergi sama-sama? :P

  12. @ECL,
    can - when are you going? But I'd like to view Koyo for a change. :)

  13. huuhuu... bila la nak sampai jepun neh... :D

  14. @Kasih Nash,
    Kitaorg insyaAllah, ada rezeki end of year, time birthday Raimie. Nak ikot tak? :D

  15. I came back to this post to comment cos I just realised this return ticket price of RM1,350 can almost finance my whole 10 days Guilin China trip! : )

  16. @foong,
    so bad lah you. :D

  17. maybe u can consider cheaper destinations than always japan, places like Bangkok, vietnam, cambodia have nice scenery n are cheap cheap cheap .

  18. @Guan,
    Japan is about the only place Zaini and I agree on. Even getting free tour packages to Vietnam won't get us there, you know! :D

  19. well for me, i love to travel to any countries. My favourite place is Bangkok. Lol

  20. I would LOVE to travel to Japan! I particularly want to see Tokyo's Imperial Palace - all of that history and beauty. SOmebody told me you can literaly walk there from the train station. Is that true?

    yes, it is near a station. But then, almost everything is near to a station and in walking distance.


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