Sunday, 1 March 2009

Japan's Biggest Challenge

As Japan attempts to weather the global financial turmoil, experts say it's biggest challenge is not the shape of the banks or stock market but the country's aging population.

I sure don't want to flip burgers after retirement age!


  1. The thing is, it's normal in Japan for old people to take part time jobs after retirement. If they earn under ¥1,000,000 a year it's tax free and doesn't affect their pensions.

    All of the cleaners and street sweepers I see are over 55. Also a majority of chain-restaurant staff too.

  2. Lina, I don't want that too.

  3. some who have approached retirement age has to be financially prepared to care for themselves throughout their retirement. they choose to work because they want to, or have financial constraints.

  4. My mum/dad wants to keep on working when they reach old age. They said that doing nothing is boring and makes them feeling useless. Maybe I'll allow them to do something fun yet light and easy next time :) No heavy or stress job for them anyhow!

    I don't think you will be flipping burgers :) Maybe something that you've been thinking of doing for a long time? Anyway, your son will be looking after no flipping of burgers.

  5. @Contamination,
    It's good that old people in Japan are still active and able to seek employment but still, I wouldn't want to work at McD when I'm 60!

    I guess Japanese are so used to working hard, they can't rest when they retire.

    @Mei Teng,
    Let's hope we both won't have to

    @Life Ramblings,
    It's one thing if it's what they want to do, but it's quite sad if it's due to financial constraints. No?

    that's just it. If I retire, I'd like to still be active but I sure don't want it to be something stressful or too tiring.
    I don't know yet what I'll do. Gardening? Volunteer work? Or maybe taking care of grandkids. :)It sure won't be just spending the day staring at the idiot box!
    Have to build up a decent nest egg first!

  6. Singapore is going towards this direction. So scary! I don't want to collect dirty dishes at hawker centres when I'm old. :(

  7. The consequence of a low birth-rate. Japan's population actually started to shrink a few years ago lol. Not enough young people to take up odd jobs = senior citizens filling up the vacancies.

  8. @Jim,
    at least they don't rely heavily on foreign workers for every. single. jobs. It's hard to even to in Malay at shops nowadays because the staff can't understand Malay! Heck! Even the KFC in my hometown employs Bangladeshi workers. Not that I have anything against them but I am one who always talk in Malay even with hotel staff despite friends chiding me for being so unfashionable and I like people to understand me when I talk and not having to revert to English! :D
    Whoa... my Monday rantings.

  9. I rant until cannot type properly. Heh Heh

    What I meant is "It's hard to even talk in Malay at shops nowadays because the staff can't understand even simple Malay!"

  10. @lina
    Malaysia's heavy dependence on foreign labour is also a problem, though a different one from Japan's.

    It's ok to rant, all of us do it sometimes XD

  11. No one wants that! But some people have to do it to survive.

    Btw, have just updated my post with another hint for you to have a chance to win the KFC voucher. I've made it very simple already - no more guessing needed! Hurry over to my blog now!! : )


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