Thursday, 26 March 2009

MaxValu Supermarket Letdown

MaxValu Supermarket Entrance (I nicked this photo from Zaini's site visit work photo collection)

Zaini went to do a site visit at one MaxValu supermarket in Ampang area. We were quite excited at the thought of a MaxValu supermarket opening as we had hoped that there'll be plenty of TopValu stuff on sale there.

Well, it is just a normal supermarket with just one aisle of Japanese stuff there. Our hopes that it'll be like this one below are dashed. So, it is still Jusco Mid Valley which has the best and cheapest Japanese food selection around town.

Raimie posing in front of MaxValu in Nanba, Osaka
p.s. that photo was taken exactly a year ago, today.

Anyway, did I tell you about the JAL fares? Couldn't control myself and went ahead and called our travel agent and with the low airfares of RM3,715.00 for the three of us; as opposed to the usual range of RM5,000 - RM7,000 airfare we previously paid, it seems too good to let go of. But fortunately, sanity prevails and I won't be doing any air ticket booking at the moment.

But it got both me & Zaini talking about going to Japan again! Wait for our update on when we are planning to go! Yeay!


  1. A popular chain supermarket in Japan?

  2. slm lina,

    didnt know they have maxValue as well in Msia.

    yeah, still cold in Japan right now, raimie in the picture shows.

  3. Ah, disappointing...

    Means next time I must really go to MM when I'm in KL lol.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    I had wanted to mention that maybe Thomas of or Kak Lela to answer that.
    There were plenty of MaxValu stores in Japan and it is I believe another part of the Aeon/Jusco group.

    @Kak Lela,
    Name only is the same as its Japan counterpart but not much Japanese products available. Just a normal supermarket. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we had high hopes due to its name. :P

    Still cold? I miss cold. ^_^
    I read it was snowing in Tokyo.


  5. You are disappointed because they do not have good bargains or because they do not have enough Japanese food on sale there?

  6. I've never seen Max Value. But I'm way up in the middle of nowhere. I've seen AEON though.

  7. @foong,
    disappointed there wasn't much Japanese food on sale there.

    Maxvalu is just a big supermarket while AEON is a department store. AEON is Japan is usually not located in big cities, right? The AEON branches we've seen there in Japan are mostly in smaller towns. Correct?

  8. Yah, are you still coming to Singapore?
    You booked the tickets to Japan already?

  9. @Life Ramblings & ECL,
    yes, our hotel reservations already confirmed! We'll be there on June 8th!

    Tickets to Japan - we'll wait for any year-end promo.

  10. Kat Jepun skrg everywhere are doing price reduction. We even get supplementary income payment from Japanese government.

  11. @Farah,
    good for the Japanese people.

    Bertuahlah kat Malaysia ni nak reduce price of anything. They can go up but hard to see them going down, ever.


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