Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Loincloth for Lingerie - Japanese Women's Ultimate Liberation?

The latest in "women's liberation" is a product making a comeback in Japan that makers claim allows women to ditch tight-fit underwear -- loincloths. A Japanese lingerie maker calls female loincloth underwear the "ultimate liberation item" for women.


  1. What?! No way...loincloths only work for men.

  2. Hrrah for women's loincloths, long may it rule in the fashion world.

  3. Wonder if Malaysia will catch the craze? : )

  4. Oooo... sexy. hubby would like that. haha....

  5. I might have to get this for my gf :D

  6. lol is this like playing peek a boo? XD

  7. @Mei Teng,
    hahaha I'm with you. Nothing too "airy" for me, thanks. :D

    as say all men around the world. LOL

    hope not. Malaysian men may be too distracted to do anything, if what were discussed in our esteemed parliament by our esteemed MPs are anything to go by. Even a short skirt can proved too distracting!

    my hubby too, I think. LOL

  8. @Prometheus,
    got them yet? :D

    @Shu Fen,
    more like flash a boo! hahaha

  9. I certainly won't convert to the loincloth. There is simply too much cloth covering up underneath for my liking. haha

  10. Wow, this is next to no covering already. If loincloths were available for men I would be too shy to wear them. It's too easy for people to see your junior! :\

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    really? :D

    Maybe that's the purpose. LOL
    I'm guessing you won't be trying on a kilt anytime soon then! :D

  12. I have no idea what size to buy >_<. And if I ask then it wont be a suprise anymore hehe.

  13. @Prometheus,
    Do what my bf (now hubby) used to do. Ask the salesgirl for the correct size. LOL

  14. That's cute! My husband will like that for me too!

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