Friday, 24 April 2009

More Toy Madness - A New B-Daman For Raimie

We bought this Chrome Levan Cyclone B-Daman ages ago - well, during the J-Card Members' Day but I finally upload the photos of it last week.

I won't bore you guys with all the geeky details but this B-Daman is used by Grey Michael Vincent, Yamato's friend who joined the Shadow Alliance in order to save his sister. A loyal friend to Yamato and will do anything for his fraternal twin, Lienna.

Work in progress

The finished Chrome Levan Cyclone figure, ready to battle with Cobalt Saber Fire

B-da battle!

Who those completely lost, you gotta watch B-Daman anime to understand what I'm talking (or rather, writing about).


  1. Haha...I don't watch B-Daman anime. But kids' toys are getting more cool. I heard about Ben 10 from my nephews :)

  2. @Mei Teng,
    OMG - Ben 10 is what these kids are crazy nowadays and there are so many merchandise out there in the market. Raimie loves them too.

  3. these days, kids have so many toys available to them to play with, from blocks to board games to action figures, how cool.

  4. @foong,
    You are showing your age lah, Uncle!

    @Life Ramblings,
    They are lucky, and they have parents who indulge them (self included) :D

  5. Yamato? Is it Kira Yamato from Gundam? I've not the time to watch J-animes lately so I hate to say this - I've lost touch somehow. Sad :(

    Raimie sure loves these toys. :)

  6. Anyway I forgot to mention this. Feel free to check out the International Bloggers Community tag here. It's quite fun. :)

  7. @Jim,
    No, its Yamato Delgado of B-Daman.

  8. @Martin,
    this toy is a more expensive version of playing marbles. XD

    yeah, cool! :)

  9. Another cool toy! Raimie is Mommy's sayang. :)

  10. @ECL,
    and Daddy's little pet. :)

  11. Well, actually I'm not that old, OK? LOL!

    I think I seldom play toys when I was small so not really into toys. I was playing the piano more those days! Prefer piano to toys anytime! Haha!

  12. @uncle foong, (sorry, sorry... cannot resist lah. hehehe)
    I'm the opposite - I didn't have much toy growing up, so I indulge Raimie once in a while. :)


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