Friday, 17 April 2009

Of Cheap Stuff, Glico and Glico Man

Just a little bit of nonsense on a Friday afternoon.

I simply can't resist clearance item on sale. A TopValu soda drink bought at Jusco's clearance stock area. RM2.oo per bottle. Taste a bit like Kickapoo.

Buying this clearance item that is nearing its expiry date reminds me that I need to finish my last packet of Mugi-Cha that I bought at MaxValu supermarket in Osaka last year.

The expiry date is looming! Gotta drink plenty of mugi-cha in the next few days and I'm roping my colleagues to finish them with me.

Pejoy stick (?) from Glico bought in Guangzhou. I was ranting on the fact that I can't eat them with Zaini earlier on. Anyway, looking at this made me think of the Glico Man in Osaka.

Plenty of tourists - Japanese & from overseas alike couldn't resist the photo op here on the bridge.


  1. What's mugi-cha? A kind of tea?

  2. I love mugi-cha, it is a wheat tea I believe? I shop at 8pm to get reduced stuff :D But last week I bought cheap meat, forgot about it and ate it when it went bad :(

  3. @Mei Teng,
    it's barley tea.

    Jusco here starts slashing the price off after 8pm for cooked food and after 9.00pm for the fish & meat stuff.

    You ate it when it went bad? Any side effect afterwards?

  4. I had a bad stomache and felt sick for the next 2-3 days....
    A mistake I will make sure to never make again haha

  5. is mugi-cha a typically seasonal drink in Japan?

  6. @Prometheus,
    that's bad. Good that you are ok now. :)

    Better not do the same thing!

    @Life Ramblings,
    I'm not too sure but I was served mugi-cha in a few restaurants while vacationing in Japan. Maybe someone in Japan can answer this. :)

  7. I had mugi-cha in Kirishima before, it felt very refreshing. Too bad it's not there anymore. :(

    Love your Osaka pic. :)

  8. Ah~~ Miss that Osaka Shinsaibashi area...

  9. I don't believe I drank mugi cha before. Would love to try it! :)

  10. @Jim,
    it is refreshing but most Japanese restaurant in Malaysia don't serve them, only green tea.

    thanks, maybe I'll put up more old photos from Osaka. :)

    Same here. Would love to return again.

    come lah, I'll make you some. :)

  11. hi lina! dropping my EC via BE. your blog is the first i'm dropping today.

  12. @Life Ramblings,
    That's cool. I'm your first today? I'm honoured. :)


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