Tuesday, 14 April 2009

RM2 Sushi King Bonanza

From Apr 13 - Apr 16, Sushi King is having their RM2 bonanza, so we decided to join the crowd and eat as much as we can for just RM2 per plate.

I was supposed to go with some friends of mine during lunch, but after a bad case of gastric, I had to pass on a sushi lunch. Zaini on the other hand, had his sushi lunch with his colleagues at KLCC. But the three of us (me, Zaini & Raimie) went to Sushi King (second time in a day for Zaini) for dinner together.

The queue for cheap sushi at MidValley yesterday. I always preferred the Sushi King outlet on the 3rd Floor than the one at LG Floor. Don't be intimidated by the long queue. We didn't wait that long to be seated.

Everybody was patiently queuing and nobody tried to jump queue.

A notice to remind customers of the time limit: just 60 minutes per table to enjoy your cheap sushi.

A very efficient and friendly staff showing us customers on how to differrentiate the RM2 promotion plate and the normal priced plates. Only rice based plates (full rimmed-colour plates) are RM2.00

My first round selection. All purple colour (usual: RM6.00) plates. We only aimed for the purple and red plates yesterday.

Sushi chef busy at work

Everyone's busy looking at the revolving belt. While the food may not be anything special, it was rather a fun outing for cheap food. We spent less than RM30.00 for a full stomach yesterday.

Service there was quite good and efficient too. Not to mention, very friendly. Kudos to them.


  1. Wow..the long queue's intimidating!

  2. @Mei Teng,
    don't be. The queue moved quite fast. :)

  3. Good choices lina, the unagi and ebiten sushi would have cost a bomb if Sushi King didn't have this promotion. I'm glad you had a nice time eating the best they could offer.

  4. does this bonanza apply to all sushis?

  5. @Jim,
    glad you approved. :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Yes - all those available on the revolving belt. The normal priced items are those not rice based like chuuka idako, etc. Of course, not california roll on offer!

  6. Only for a day? Not a long term promotion, right? :P

  7. @ECL,
    for four days (Mon - Thu) this week.

  8. Sounds an absolute steal if you like Sushi!

  9. I guess it's worth a try. After all..only RM2 per plate! :)

  10. @Martin,
    Yes, it was a steal and we love sushi.

    @Mei Teng,
    Yalar, only RM2 per plate. Definitely worth a try. :)

  11. @Su,
    memang bagus. :) Boleh makan banyak & tak payah risau tengok plate colour. hehehe...

  12. Yeah! I like and dreaming about it...

  13. wow, you are so lucky.
    Imagine I were in Sushi King for around 1 hour and they never serve even single plate of purple color sushi
    more details: blog dot popoyan dot my

  14. @Eve's World,
    Don't just dream - get out and eat some! :)

    read about your experience. Maybe we were lucky that night. Lucky for the food and lucky there were nice staff at the MidValley 3rd Floor branch.


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