Monday, 6 April 2009

Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village

Zaini and I had some time to kill while waiting for Raimie to finish his School's Saturday Camp last week and we were not that particularly hungry, so we decided to head to Sakae Sushi in Bangsar Village for a light snack.

Actually Zaini took me there to prove a point. He had earlier told me that Sakae Sushi wasn't that great but I didn't quite believe him. I know, I know. It's a bad habit of mine - I reserve judgement until I experience them myself and I don't usually trust my own husband. So sue me...

First off, some photos of the decor. Nice decor. Good spot to have a date. Cosy and the mostly foreign staff were quite attentive as do the Manager. So, good service from them.

Cool interactive menu at the table too.

But, when it came to food - the selections were quite uninspiring. Starting with the RM2 teabag. Free hot water though.

We ended up just eating three plates of sushi. That was how uninteresting the selection was.

The saving grace about our Sakae Sushi outing was this pickled ginger. This pickled ginger is so much better than the ones at Sushi Zanmai.

Three plates of sushi and 2 cups of tea translated to RM22.70. Actually it was RM22.65, but the Manager omitted to give me back the 5 cents balance. I noticed nowadays there is this trend with some shop owners (in KL) omitting giving back the 5 cents balance. It used to be the 1 cent (because they said they don't have stock of 1 cent) and now shop owners conveniently say that they don't have the 5 cents change. Imagine that!


  1. The food of sakae sushi in Singapore is quite good.

  2. @ECL,
    must try Sakae Sushi in Singapore to make comparison then! :)

    Maybe it was our luck to have such uninspiring selection that day. Or maybe I have too high of expectation of them.

  3. Foreign staff? Were they Japanese?

    Honestly I feel that Sushi King, Kinsahi and company are quite boring, or in your words, uninspiring. I'm not sure about other countries, but in Malaysia their menus are just that, ordinary.

  4. @Jim,
    Foreign staff as in Philippines, Vietnamese...

    Yeah, the menu are pretty ordinary - nothing special & nothing to shout about. :(

  5. Sakae Sushi is just like Sushi King, no? I don't quite like both anymore. Sushi Zanmai is definitely better than these two.

    Yes, nowadays, shop owners say they don't have 5 sen change and what can we do, but just to accept. Cos we are not going to fight over a measly 5 sen. But if they say that to all their customers, can add up to be quite substantial! : )

  6. Hi Lina,

    The place looks immaculately clean, not too sure about mandatory tips of 5 cents though, I'd insist on getting it back on principle.

    I look forward to Black Sea seafood in the summer here, but cooked.

  7. @foong,
    yes, pretty much on the same par with Sushi King albeit with nicer decor.

    If they shortchange 100 customers out of their 5 cents balance a day, that would amount substantially in the long run. That's why most times, I like to whip out the plastic for payment. Exact change only.

    But what can you do when they say they don't don't have the said change? I'm not going to make a fuss about a measly 5 cents. XD

    Enjoy your summer seafood then! A BBQ party planned? :)

  8. Foreign staff are everywhere. That's what I noticed too. I am not sure but I vaguely remembered having tried Sakae Sushi before...there were a number of restaurants but I don't recall it being an outstanding one..which is why I don't even remember now..hahha.

  9. @Mei Teng,
    They are everywhere.

    Hahaha... Some food places are indeed to unremarkable to warrant a second visit.

  10. That's a very nice restaurant. Interactive menu? I've got to try that one too!


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