Monday, 20 April 2009

Tokyo For Green 2016 Olympic Games

Inspectors from the International Olympic Committee ended their tour of Tokyo on Sunday. The city is one of several being considered for the 2016 Games. Tokyo is the only one of the candidates to have hosted the Summer Games before. The event in 1964 helped Japan become an economic superpower, but now in a new century, it's not the economy, but the environment which the city is pushing.

Tokyo, competing against Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, is the second stop on the Evaluation Commission's schedule after Chicago. The IOC will vote on the host city at Copenhagen on Oct. 2.


  1. So there will be greater emphasis on environmental awareness at the 2016 games?

  2. I've been a fan of your blog for a while but just now decided to place a comment.Thanks for all the interesting info on Japan,I have actually learned quite a bit from your posts.This post is no exception.I'd like to see Japan win the bid for the Olympics in 2016.Good luck and keep on posting.

  3. @Mei Teng,
    Yes, and about time too.

    What Tokyo is proposing is a compact, green Olympics and relatively inexpensive Olympic Games with plans to build a solar plant on Tokyo Bay, putting thousands of electric and hybrid cars on the road and buying carbon credits to offset pollution.

    thanks for commenting. You make my day! :)

  4. I think Japan will be able to do a good job.

  5. Tokyo seems the nearest out of the 4. But I don't think I'll have the money to attend anyway lol.

  6. @Superman & Jim,
    that may be so but if it's held in Tokyo, I don't want to be in the city during the Games. Just imagine the surge of users using the already crowded trains. @_@

  7. sounds like it's going to be a green Olympics with a lot of effort made to save energy and costs. so, are you planning to attend the tokyo olympics?

  8. The Japanese I'm sure will make the event more popular if granted a home base there in 2016. They are great organisers and hopefully show the way forward. I just hpe they dont' go the American way and 'over the top' with side shows. The focus should be sport, fair competition and world peace.

  9. I wish Japan gets it. But no way they can top the celebration on Beijing.

    Btw, I really like your blog. I used to live in Japan before so I like reading updates about the country. If you are interested in link exchange, you can also drop by my blog. Shanghai Expat Blog. Thanks.

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    maybe not. Summer in Tokyo is hot! (Well, it is summer after all). Anyway, we don't like crowd all that much.

    well said. And I do hope they don't follow China's footsteps in efforts to portray a perfect Olympic Games Opening too.

    @Mos & Nikou,
    Sure. I've checked out some of your blogs - a good selection you've got there.


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