Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Toys Madness

How does your workstation looks like? Is it neat, clean and professional looking or do you put your favorite stuff there and make it feel more like home? After all we do spend more time at work than at home.

Here's what some of my colleagues who are avid toy collectors, put at their workstations. My workstation looks a bit more sedate, I just have a few Ultraman SD figures there (My place gets plenty of visitors so I had to minimise the decorations).

Transformers, Doraemon toys and empty gashapon cases on display

Keroro Gunso figures and yet some more Doraemon toys

Gashapon toys - a whole lot of Dragon Ball figures in a row

And these Kamen Riders figures. It will rather fun buying toys as souvenirs from Japan for these few special colleagues of mine as I know they'll appreciate them. After all, they are all to willing to spend insane amount of $$$ to buy the toys they love, the latest being the Mickey Mouse Transformers figures.


  1. Wow...toy workstation! Hahha. Mine's clean and uncluttered and ahem..professional looking. I just like it that way. But I have 2 cute animal memo holders though.

  2. Mine is awful. Paper everywhere, crumbs from the snacks I eat and my phone, ipod, keys and wallet are scattered all over the place :D

  3. OK, I've just visited Life Ramblings and JL's blogs and Mei Teng is FC. Over here, she is FC again! Wow! She's breaking all FC records I think!! : )

  4. Wow! You have so many toys! Can be a good topic for conversation and also ice breaker yes? I prefer mine to be uncluttered, like Mei Teng. haha!

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I wish I have a clutter free place. But at the rate people put stuff on my table, I don't think it'll be any time soon. I have 4 in-trays and 5 out-trays!

    that's shows you are busy and people won't go around rummaging your workstation when they need something from you.

    Mei Teng is on a roll today.

    Most of my (ahem... Raimie's) toys are at home. We have a room full of them (Ultraman being the bulk of it) to play with. XD

  6. Wah, lina. Next time can make loads of $$$ selling those second hand toys on e-bay! : )

    Btw, regarding ASB, I heard the returns very good, sometimes reaching 21%, is it true?

  7. @foong,
    yonks ago maybe. Nowadays, ASB returns are around 7% + 1% bonus dividend. Still, not bad lah... Pity my ASB savings is paltry. :( If I don't go to Japan so much, maybe I can have a free holiday few times over. LOL

    Got anyone want to buy my second hand stuff or not? :D

  8. i like my surroundings to be clean, neat and pleasing to the eye.

  9. Mei Teng seems to the FC queen for today. MT, if you're reading this, no offence, yeah. :)

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    you will hate my department then. LOL

  11. This would drive me insane at my end. Quite amazing what passion some peopel have for things. Everyone to their own I suppose. Again, I agree that this is an Ebay business paradise

  12. your workstation...mine is dull and boring with documents and magazines around. I need some of those to cheer mine up a little...hehehe

  13. Cool collections. Planning to get some stuff like these. Haha.

  14. Mine's semi-cluttered, drawing materials and computer paraphernalia but mostly organized. Those are a lot of toys! I can imagine everybody playing duting break time.

  15. @Martin,
    we are one bunch of group who wouldn't part with our toys! I agree it'll drive some people insane looking at all those clutters. XD

    If I'm not mistaken you posted a photo of your place sometime ago, right? Any changes from that time?

    Post them up when you get them. :) Got any limited edition movie paraphernalia?

    Mine's cluttered but I call my clutter a organized mess. :D

  16. This post came at a good time. It just reminded me that I still have a bunch of one piece figures I recieved as a leaving present from my internship. They are unopened in a pack in my cupoard. I might use them to decorate my work desk :)

  17. @Prometheus,
    Maybe you can use those figures to block your neighbor's view of your computer screen. :)

  18. LOL you are a genius. I never thought of that :D

  19. i'm a neat freak only when it comes to my computer desk, My entire mancave is a mess except for where my computer is :D

  20. @Prometheus,
    comes from experience. :D

    good to know there's a neat space amidst the mess. XD

  21. I'm late in commenting, lol.

    Anyway I like to ask, your colleagues love toys too? I've yet to come across a workplace or office that allow employees to showcase so many of their toy collections. xD

  22. @Jim,
    welcome to my department then. :) Those who sit farthest to the CFO room put up all their toys. Those who sits nearest (me) just put a little to personalise our workstations. But there's a rule too - anything too high (think Gundam figures) are a big no-no.


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