Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dinner At Kampachi Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya

Trying to set a time to eat at Kampachi can be tricky. Their opening hours is Mon - Fri from 12.00pm to 2.30pm (lunch) and 6.30pm to 10.00pm (dinner) while on Saturday it's dinner only.

The buffet on Saturday was priced about the same as Midori, at IOI Marriott Putrajaya but with more selection.

The restaurant setting was quite simple and open concept unless of course you require a private tatami room (which I don't think is open for buffet patrons). Business was indeed brisk and the place was filled up with people by 8.00pm. We had the luck of being seated between two very noisy tables which kinda marred our enjoyment of the place. Although, like Zaini said this was by no way the fault of the restaurant or the hotel, I do wish for a quieter evening, like the one we had at Midori previously.

Buffet selection was good enough. Fresh sashimi, plenty of sushi choices, grilled items, soups, salads, rice, soba.... you'd be spoilt for choice. However, the grilled items were cold and the ones we got that were warmer were specifically requested so. A couple of friendly staff and chef but mostly the chefs were intent in their work. No smiles for me? Awww...

A word of caution for those planning to visit Kampachi and blogging about it afterwards. The Chef frowned photo taking at their restaurant and they were quite sullen about it too. We were duly notified about it in front of other patrons which is really "nice" of them to do so. Our fault for being presumptious enough to think that it is OK to do so... And for me thinking that everyone will want to be friendly with me. Again, totally my fault for talking so much. If I'm more like Zaini and just eat quietly, I'd probably enjoy the evening more. He certainly did enjoy the evening (why shouldn't he? I foot the bill! LOL)

Being told about it with others staring at you can surely nip anyone else's desire to do the same (take photos, that is) in the bud.

Well, looking at how brisk their business is, they sure don't need extra publicity.

Anyhoo, the photos:


  1. Noisy neighbouring tables is worse than having cigarette smoke blown cross the table in my opinion. Photographing food, yes a sensitive area for the food artists wnho don't smile. I must say the food looks pretty good though.

  2. Why are the chefs kicking up a fuss just because diners take photographs? It's just food and not artefacts.

  3. Hi just dropping by for a quick visit, the food looks great! Thanks for dropping by my blog always nice to see new visitors

  4. The foods look great but the story about those people there isn't too nice. They have such a crazy time for their resto!

  5. I feel that the restaurant would benefit from the publicity if people would take photographs of the place and food and tell others about them.

  6. @airfare-now.com,
    some are, some aren't so nice because they were already cold (when they were suppose to be hot)

    Noisy neighbors are the bane for a nice quiet night out.

    I guess temperamental artists don't like gawking public.

    @Mei Teng,
    Ha! My sentiments exactly!

  7. @frostygirl,
    and nice of you to drop by too. :)

    I guess they are aimed for those coming for corporate lunches and dinners only. Lunch and on Sundays are reserved for private functions.

    @Life Ramblings,
    Maybe that's why I was hard pressed in finding reviews about the hotel and the restaurant on the internet. Only the standard hotel promo sites which is not what I was looking for.

  8. Was the chef japanese?

    Some people are touchy about camera lenses. I get the same feeling sometimes when I take pictures at hotels. I just have extra thick skin and take pics only, lol. XD

  9. @Jim,
    they look Malay to me!

    Maybe they should put up a "NO PHOTO ALLOWED" sign if they don't like it. :D

    p.s. do you know that there is a no photography sign at Food Junction?

  10. Wow! Yummy yummy food!! Actually what's wrong with taking photos - free advertisement for them what! So silly!

  11. @foong,
    silly or just being temperamental?

    Though Mr Erne (he's the GM) did confirm with me afterwards that there is no "No Photography" policy enforced at the hotel. So, if you guys feel like taking photo, just know that the GM has no problem with it. :)

  12. There's no No Photo sign anyway in MV, I'm certain of it. Anyway, Lina this should be easy for you, since you are often in the MV area.

    BTW I invite you to join in this giveaway of a Commonwealth Games badge at my blog in this post. It's quite simple, there're even hints given, have fun! ^^

  13. @Jim,
    Mid Valley mall itself has no No Photo sign, unlike KLCC, but Food Junction and Food Gardens (at Gardens Mall) both have No Photo sign up. For food junction case, the sign wasn't obvious. :D

    But I took plenty of photos there, irregardless. Hihihi

    OK OK I will try and make a guess. :D

  14. I see, but their time is really too limited.

  15. @Ayie,
    I agree. Too limited for me too.


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