Saturday, 16 May 2009

Travel Necessities

What are your must have items to bring when you go on travel? Apart from the usual important stuff like passport, money, credit cards, camera, sunscreen...

Here's mine:

It's Po Chai pills, a Chinese traditional herbal supplement that work wonders to ease stomach discomfort. I don't go far without one, just in case. I do not want to have to be on a toilet lookout when I'm vacationing LOL and it works for travel sickness too!


  1. Haha..seeing Po Chai pills bring a smile to me. Yes, this is one thing we Chinese always have with us. But then again, I hardly carry these. I normally stock up on medication for travelling from pharmacies..panadol, minyak cap kapak, anti diarrhoea pills, band aid etc.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    I have problematic stomach so the Po Chai pills are my lifesaver. Just ask Zaini how many times I've been sitting in the hotel loos. LOL

    We even have them in the office's first aid kit. :)

  3. A laptop with wireless and music.

    No net no life no music no life :P

  4. Same with me...
    We have a lot stock of Po Chai pills here, too.

  5. Well I brought some of them when I went to KL. And some panadol. Definitely handy for trips :D

  6. @Prometheus,
    so no holiday in the middle of nowhere for you? :D

    kat sana ada jual ke? Kalau ada, senang lah... :)

    Definitely... cure for stomach ailments and headahces - what more can you want? LOL

  7. wahahahahaha.... why we so sama!?

    My modern girlfriends say I'm like a mak nenek with all the Chinese medicine. Lol

  8. Is this similar to the "pil chi ki tek aun"? I took them once, I remember htem being these really small black balls, and you're supposed to take like a large handful of them with water... I'm not a big fan of pill, and having so many of them, and so small, had me thinking I might accidentally choke! :p

    Being married to a Western doctor, it's kinda tough for me when I talk about the need to "cleanse my liver with neem" or that "I'm too heaty, need to cool down", teeheehe!

  9. @ECL,
    you got Tiger Balm in stock or not? :D
    That is one item my grandma will never leave behind.

    sama lah tu... :D Actually, I like the smell. Call me weird...

    I remember you took back (or was it for your father) some Chinese herb. How did that went?

  10. @lina
    I can make an exception for egypt :)

  11. @Prometheus,
    A journey into the ancient world eh? Of pyramids, tombs and temples... cruising the Nile... I wouldn't say no to a chance to visit Egypt too. :)

  12. i hardly take these traditional pills. vitamins especially probiotics are a must when i go on travel.

  13. My mom used to give me Po Chai Pills whenever I had stomach aches, flu or fever when I was small. Now, I don't take it anymore.

    Is it really effective for stomach problems? Like food poisoning or gastric?

    I think I still have them locked up in the cupboard somewhere. Wonder if they have all expired!

    On my travels, I usually just bring my probiotics (for food poisoning and stomach problems) and bee pollen (for nutrition).

  14. Oh, I also take a very expensive Chinese herb called lingzhi aka ganoderma. have you heard of it?

  15. @Life Ramblings,
    to each its own. :) The most important thing is we are prepared, right?

    Po Chai pills works for me, don't know about food poisoning but it certainly helps when I'm feeling I'm about to have a bout of gastric pain.

    Lingzhi a mushroom/fungus type herb, right?

  16. Ah, po chai pills bring back memories. I have used them in many years, but on my next trip, I think I will carry some.

  17. @grayspirit,
    that's the spirit! XD

  18. Yes, lingzhi is a mushroom. I just checked - no more Po Chai pills in my home. All gone : )

  19. @foong,
    so someone at home got use them? :D

  20. I don't know those pills but I also bring my pills when travelling

  21. @Ayie,
    everyone has their own medicine to bring on the go. Better be prepared than sorry, right? :)

  22. lol - my must-have is my laptop and my dad won't let me take it when we go on vacation!


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