Thursday, 14 May 2009

A New Toy For Us

So we finally got out new camera to replace the Sony T7 that went bust after being dunked into water at a waterfall near my hometown.

We should have gotten a new camera earlier, but Zaini and I can't seem to agree with what camera to buy until Sony T90 came into market earlier this year. Zaini for one is a loyal customer of Sony and despite one Olympus camera; Tough that caught my fancy, he was quite reluctant to make a purchase until he saw the T90. It is a bit bulkier than our old camera, but it has touch screen features which is nice, I guess. The only thing I have problems with this camera is that I have to touch so many buttons to change my shooting settings. New camera, new features.

We procrastinated a bit, just to see what free gifts we can get with the purchase and whether the price is going to go down in a few month's time.

With our brand new Brown Sony T90, we got a 4G memory card, a camera case and a tripod. Nothing special about the free gift, but we need a camera. For the time being, we are pretty excited trying the features in the camera and snapping away.

We spent last Sunday photographing the tulips that I received as a Mother's day gift.

My wish to buy a DSLR? Let's just say, after researching and reading on DSLR (the affordable ones), I'm still at loss on which camera to buy. So, I guess the DSLR will have to wait.


  1. I was googling Sony and it's good. 12 megapixels and 4x zoom is cream of the crop for digital cameras. Mine is only 10 MP 3x zoom, keke. :D

    How much was it?

  2. sorry to hear about your babe.

    i have a Sony DSC-H1 with 5 MPs, and a 12x optical zoom. it's not a perfect camera for my travel photography and i've been meaning to buy a DSLR but it's far too expensive for my budget. :(

  3. @Jim,
    I guess it's nice, much better than our old T77. :D
    But unlike T77, it is not thin enough to fit inconspiciously in my jeans pocket.

    So fussy kan? LOL

    @Life Ramblings,
    The price a bit high but entry level DSLR is in RM2,500 onwards range. Zaini told me to read up on DSLR first before paying for one.
    No point having a DSLR if don't know how to use! XD

  4. Mine is even fatter. Need special pouch to fit in. Some more the lense will come out when you need to zoom in, so it's like very susah to bring it everywhere if you don't have a pouch. But I like it very much nevertheless, because I understand its behaviour much better now. How about yours? Does it have an extendable lense?

    And also, how much was it, if you don't mind my asking? :)

  5. Oh one more to add, those pics you saw in my blog, it's this camera I'm using. Kodak v1003. Not the best of the best, but I still like it xD

  6. @Jim,
    most of the compact digital camera are fatter than the T90. The lens doesn't extend. It is not a feature we want anyway. Susah to curi-curi take photo. :D

    It's current retail price is RM1,299.00

  7. Hmmm, yes you are so right about that. Cannot curi-curi take photo. I always turn off the flash because I also scared people will notice what I'm doing. Dah lah the lens come out already making it so obvious xD

    Wow at the price. But it's to be expected, after all it's quite a new model I believe. Mine was only about RM 500. Keke.

  8. Nice. I actually have a 2 year old sony T30. The touch screen on the T90 must be pretty cool. It also has face detection right? Man I really need a new cam hehe.

  9. Congratulations on getting a new 'toy' ;) When are you gonna go shooting?

  10. Decisions decision! You finally got there though an know it was the best choice - For now anyway.

  11. @Jim,
    the camera prices keep going down, which is good for us consumers. I remember our first digital camera (a Sony, of course!)was > RM2,000. Our T7 was RM1,699 when we bought it. So, this new one can be considered a bargain. :D

    I actually wish I can wait and buy the camera in Japan, but Dec is still a long time coming. :D

    Plenty of cool features that the old T7 didn't have, face detection included.

    @Mei Teng,
    everyday is a shooting day! LOL. Planning to go to Equatorial Bangi next week for a weekend break, so maybe can have fun shooting around the hotel. :)

    true, for now. :D

  12. Oh great to hear that you bought a new camera! Can we have more photos please? : )

  13. For DSLR, I hope I can get one too, but currently still too expensive for me! Maybe we wait until the price come down, and also when the DSLR gets smaller and smaller in size!

  14. It's a good one. Didn't you like the sw series of olympus? That one can really dunk into the water!

  15. @foong,
    I wan to take your photo, can? :D

    Can always do 0% instalment, what... like your HP notebook. Hehehe

    Raimie actually asked us to buy that model. But no, Zaini has always been a loyal supporter and user of Sony, so it is a Sony camera for us.

  16. Compact cameras have their advantage. Not so obvious when shooting compared to DSLRs. I wonder if the latter will get smaller and more compact...that would be good. But good zoom lenses are still going to be heavy I guess...

  17. @Mei Teng,
    Compact cameras are good for its ease to bring around just about anywhere without weighing you down, I agree.

    OMG, I went to the Foto Shangri-La camera exhibition at Mid Valley and looked at all the DSLRs on offer, I have to say, they can be quite heavy!!! (Not to mention heavy on the wallet too.. LOL)

  18. I think I should look into this for my wife. Let me (us) know how you like it.

  19. @sixmats,
    I like it just fine. Plenty of features to play around to get a good shot with face detection, smile shutter technology, intelligent scene recognition, in-camera Retouching and cool scene modes. I love the big LCD touch-screen but at the moment, I do feel it is a bit tedious playing around with the touch-screen control, because I'm not too used to the features yet. But, I'm happy with the purchase. It's small and the colour selection for the cameras are nice too.

  20. Believe it or not, I have become pretty happy with the camera that's built into my iPhone. The iPhone features are really impressive for a phone camera - 2 megapixels, built in software, the ability to sync with a computer, and the ability to e-mail images.

    I don't know, it's probably stupid but I prefer the convenience over the quality.

    I like convenience too, but once in a while taking a better quality photo is a must too. :)


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