Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Of Kare Raisu and Curry

Japanese curry is so different from the curry we Malaysians are used to. For one, it tastes powdery and sweeter than Malay/Indian curry due to the addition of fruits such as apples, mango and other dubious items(well, dubious for me anyway) like caramel and honey in making the curry.

Zaini enjoys the Japanese version as much as he enjoy the Mamak curry, but I'm still not keen on them. Like ramen, we don't eat them when we are in Japan because, as advised by Malaysian Muslim currently staying in Japan, the curry ingredients might contain lard in it, which we, are forbidden to eat. Typical curry ingredients are onions, carrots, potatos with meat and also seafood.

We've yet to try curry udon though.

If you are trying to save cost while vacationing in Japan, curry rice (and ramen too) can be a cheap meal option for you if you have no food restrictions like us.


  1. I don't like Japanese curries. Not authentic curries.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    I read somewhere that Japanese was introduced to curry by westerners. They definitely wasn't introduced to the real stuff back then. :D

  3. Japanese curry's spicyness is peanuts compared to our curry. Gotta salute them though, I've yet to see westerners invent their own version of curry lol.

  4. Japanese curry is too sweet for my liking. I still prefer our version of curry to the Japanese curry. :)

  5. Japanese curry is not quite my cup of tea. it is nothing like our traditional curry.

  6. @Jim,
    true, at least they are creative enough to create their own version.

    Me too. Though Thai Green curry is nice too. :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Seems like we, at this part of the world, are not a fan of Japanese Curry.

  7. I still love the Japanese style curry, distinctive taste, not too spicy, unlike the local ones.

  8. Ilike Japanese curry on certain moods other than that, I prefer the traditional spicy curries.

  9. @pikey,
    A Japanese curry lover! :) They're definitely not spicy.

    I'm like you. There are times when I'll order them but mostly I prefer spicy ones better too. :)

  10. I like japanese curry. I prefer indian though. I really like those red vegetable things that it comes with. Not sure what they are called though..

  11. I think I still like Malaysian curries. If curry is not spicy, I think it should not be called curry at all!

  12. @Prometheus,
    What's your favourite addition to your curry?
    Chicken, Seafood...

    hahaha... true, but Madam Kwan's Nyonya Curry is not spicy at all. More lemak than spicy. :D

  13. For Japanese curry I like beef! Not really a big fan of that Katsu stuff...

    For indian curry I like butter chicken curry and mutton!

  14. Hate Japanese curry because it's sweet. Have been here for more than 6 years but still dislike their curry... I miss Msia's curry... >_<

  15. @Prometheus,
    I'm not too crazy about all that dep fried stuuf too. Butter chicken sounds yummy though. :)

    Poor you... I would definitely miss the curry too if I'm abroad for long.
    Last year, after just two weeks in Japan, the first place we headed to from KLIA was to the Mamak place near our home. LOL

  16. Ah... just had chicken curry katsu for lunch just now at Wagamama (a chain restaurant in London) and it was not too bad. Have also bought some curry cubes (they have it here) and tried making some of my own.

    But I still love the potato curry that comes with my roti prata (a.k.a. roti canai).

  17. @CK,
    Hi CK! Long time no hear. :D

    I wonder how it'd be if we eat roti prata with Japanese curry. @_@

  18. yumyum! ya! i'd love to try prata with that curry!

  19. @lina,
    LOL, sorry for my lack of comments. Oh come on, prata, if properly done, will taste good even on its own. As a kid, I use to have that with just plain white sugar... that was before I discovered curry... mmm..

  20. I love curry especially Thai green curry but the Japanese curry sounds like it might be good.

  21. @schizoshrink,
    but I don't know whether it'll taste any good! XD

    I haven't been commenting much on yours either. XD
    Yeah, the sign of a good prata is when you can enjoy them without any addition.
    When I was small, I ate it with either sugar or sweet condensed milk. :) My fave now is with dhall. Yum yum

    I think Japanese curry might be something of an acquired taste. :)
    I love Thai green curry - it's something I'll order when eating at a Thai Restaurant.

  22. I enjoy Japanese curry occasionally but it's a little to sweet for my liking.

  23. @airfare-now.com,
    they're a bit sweet, aren't they. :)


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