Monday, 11 May 2009

Of TV Magazine, Ultraman And Yokohama Expo Y150

Another frivolous thing that we buy every single month apart from the gachapon toys is a children's magazine called Terebi-kun and Terebi-mag (terebi = TV). We buy them every month without fail and the bookstore's staff actually kept and reserved the two magazines for us to decide which one to buy every end of the month. We limit just one magazine per month for Raimie.

All three of us enjoy looking at pictures of the latest TV show in Japan and occasionally, when I tried hard enough, I managed to decipher an event or two mentioned inside (especially Ultraman) that will be held somewhere in Japan. Anyway, reading these two magazines is how we learn about new children TV shows in Japan which Zaini will try and download later for our enjoyment. Zaini practically downloaded TV shows everyday from Isohunt. And for us to go and visit a "Live Show" that is mentioned in the magazine when we visit Japan each year.

There was one "crazy" year when we went to Tokyo in summer just for the sake of going to Ultraman Festival (Ulfes) and meet as many Ultramen as we can.

Like the time we went to Ultraman Land and went beserk chasing all the Ultra Heroes there. To say we love Japanese anime and tokukatsu series would be an understatement.

And oh! Ulfes will be held in Yokohama this year, a change from previous festival venue which were usually held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro.

Yokohama is having celebration for the city's port opening 150 years ago in 1859, called Expo Y150. Those planning for a trip to Japan, why not make Yokohama a stop?


  1. It's a good way to keep abreast of all things Japanese isn't? You guys are one Japan Mad Family! :)

  2. @Mei Teng,
    unfortunatly we keep abreast with mostly juvenile stuff. :D

  3. Ah Isohunt! I browse through it very often too, in addition to piratebay. Haha.

    From which shop do you buy these magazines? Can I buy them in MM too?

    Speaking of which, are you free this coming Saturday (may 16)? I wish to meet you, if you want I can go to MM. Then you can show me around too. xD

  4. @Jim,
    The magazines are available at Niko-Niko Doh (in Jusco) and Kinokuniya, KLCC (Japanese section).

    Afraid that Sat is no good for me. I'm OK Fri, but then no transport to go to Curve. With so many cases with taxi drivers, scared to take the taxi nowadays.

  5. I see, in that case we'll only be able to meet when you go to Singapore.

    BTW there's a free shuttle bus service from the Curve to the Eastin Hotel, Hotel Melia KL and Royale Bintang daily. If you want to go to the Curve next time you could try it out. :)

  6. These magzines are really good idea to increase the intrest in reading for kids.

  7. That magazine is nice to have, Japan has many events and tv progs that i also enjoy.

  8. @Jim,
    When are you going back to Johor? Sorry to miss you twice already. :(

    I agree - it doesn't matter what book children read at first as long as they want to read. That's what I think. :)

    Totally. There are so many great TV programs from Japan.

  9. you guys are fanatic loyalists to everything Japan, aren't you?

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    What can we say... We are mad about Japan! :D

  11. There's an ultraman village in Shenzhen, China. Imposters. haha... the real ultramen are in Japan. :P

  12. @ECL,
    yeah, we know about the existence. :D
    There were news in the past years of one in Thailand too by Chaiyo, but don't know whether the project is still on or not. After all, Sompote Saengduenchai was ordered to stop profiteering from Ultraman in a Feb 5, 2008 Supreme Court ruling.

  13. My Son wants to come and Study in Japan and is mad on manga and Anime. I like the cultural stuff and had a bash at Taiko drumming at the weekend lol. Thar was fun and now I want to go and earn properly. I loved it.

  14. I too am a great fan of isohunt lol. Is the internet fast where you are ?

  15. @sen and qi,
    that's cool. I'd love to see Taiko drum performance someday. It'll be great to try and play them too!

    It's erratic. Someday its fast, someday I feel like tearing my hair off. But, the connection here is definitely not as good as what you experience in Japan. :(


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