Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Playing Tag?

I'm not really a fan of doing tags and awards but once in a while, I do oblige even if I procrastinate long enough to let it be forgotten. Anyway, here's one from Jim of Self Magic.

International Bloggers Community

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Jim
2. His/her site’s title and url: Self Magic, The Imagination Comes To Life
3. Date when you were tagged: April 24, 2009
4. Persons you tagged: check below (I'm cheating a bit here...)

And another one from Prometheus of A Misspent Life. Lucky for me, it's an easy one.

Please read below for the rules of the game:

A. Name & link back to the person who tagged you

I got tagged by Prometheus of A Misspent Life, who is currently in Japan.

B. List six (un)important things that make you happy

Six (un) important things that make me happy:

  1. Snuggling under my blanket on a cold rainy day
  2. Chocolates and candies
  3. Watching silly Japanese and Korean game shows
  4. Coffee
  5. A walk in the park
  6. People commenting that I lose weight (even if untruthfully) hehehe

C. Tag six bloggers & let them know they’re it by leaving them a comment

I'm tagging Ayie, Yatie, KuE, Life Ramblings, Jason, *lynne*, Mea Culpa Bath and Body

They are a mixture of bloggers who read this blog and my two other blogs - Life, In My Own Backyard and the now not so active Daily Ramblings.

No obligations though. Just hope you'll have fun doing them. Cheers!


  1. Hi Lina! Thanks for tagging me...I'll just add your name there in my previous same tag. I have this one a few posts ago.

    Have a great day!

  2. Haha..Lina, you're a tag victim!

    I like chocolates too but not addicted to them :)

  3. @Ayie,
    Okie, :)

    And you have a great day too!

    @Mei Teng,
    but tags and awards are a blessing when one is out of idea on what to post. :D

  4. Oh, this reminds me I have to do this tag too! But I have loads of tags still on the shelf! Oh well, will do them when I have nothing to post! Haha!

    I thought one important thing that makes you happy is Holiday in Japan? : )

  5. @foong,
    but being reminded about my future Japan trip when I still don't have a definite plan is not making me happy!!! Argh!!! LOL

  6. What happened to your post "everything"? I saw an update but there's nothing...

  7. thanks for the linky love. i was tagged by Monica & Mariuca too.

    how come Mei Teng, Foong and ECL are save from this tag? not fair. :(

  8. @Ayie,
    The post wasn't suppose to be up yet. I haven't finish writing yet. :D

    @Life Ramblings,
    Hahaha... Sorry sorry... :D

  9. Thanks for the tag...hehe

    My modem let me down(streamyx modem...urgh). Gonna but a new one soon to replace that lousy modem. Will join in the fun once my modem is alright. Hehe...

    Thanks for dropping by though I am unable to update my blog right now : ) Am able to only browse through some blogs after office hour...

  10. Hehe, thanks for linking me again. I'm glad to do the IBC tag actually, because just pass the title around only, no need to write anything xD

  11. @Jason,
    I sure hope you get the modem sorted out pretty soon. I would get *itchy* if I can't access internet. LOL

    No problem. Lucky it was an easy one, otherwise I would conveniently forgotten about it. XD

  12. Thanks for playing :) I like milk chocolate, white chocolate and hate dark chocolate. What about you?

  13. @Prometheus,
    the exact opposite of you. Gimme dark, bitter chocolate anytime. :)

  14. :( dark chocolate is evil...

  15. @Prometheus,
    How come? Evil as in sinister? Or do you know something that I don't? @_@

  16. congrats for the award...:)

  17. hi lina, thanks for joining. i've included your name in the masterlist

    happy blogging!

  18. @Kimmi,

    Cool! Thanks. :)


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