Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Swine Flu Song

The Swine Flu Song by Ryan Erwin for your Labour Day enjoyment.

Don't forget to don your mask and wash your hands a hundred times. :D


  1. Happy Labor day! Too bad no holiday here.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. How come cannot watch the video? Anyway, hope you had a good Labour Day and happy weekend! : )

  3. nice and good articles im glad to be here my friends to read ur post, i hope we can make a friends in blogsphere, and ur blog to be my favo

  4. @Ayie,
    So you celebrate Labour Day in September?

    Yeah, and very creative. Humor is a good thing to lessen the tension of fear from people. :)

    You can't? Hmmm... I'll try & check it out. Seems OK at my end. Enjoy your weekend too.
    Raimie's down with a temperature, I'm hoping he'll get better tomorrow to enjoy the Sunday.


  5. this video serves as a good reminder to everyone to be hygienic at all times.

  6. id o believe that this swine flu outbreak is a conspiracy

  7. Never ending series of flu... like some science fiction movie now, all the outbreadk...

  8. @Life Ramblings,

    Now that's a thought!

    Yeah, in this case life mimicked art.

  9. Oh, finally able to watch the video! Haha! Funny song! Chocolate chips will help him fight the swine flu? Haha! Must be kidding!

    Enjoyed it, but he's definitely no American Idol. LOL!

  10. I don't know when they celebrate labor day here...I just came last Janand I keep forgetting all their holidays considering it very rare that they have. We do celebrate on may 1 there in the Philippines.

  11. lol - that's funny. me thinks the swine flu is a bit over rated!!

  12. So funny! Haha! Its a very funny song.


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