Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boh Green Tea

Can't believe that it's been a week since my last post! We went back to my hometown to attend two weddings and then we were off to Cameron Highlands for a cool break.

Got some new packets of green tea for both me and Zaini. I've already ran out of Japanese green tea so I'm looking forward to trying out the Boh green tea.

We went to tour the tea plantation too, which was rather fun. Afterwards, we went to do some strawberry picking at a nearby farm. I've always wanted to go to ichigo gari in Japan, but doing this in Malaysia was rather fun too.

I'll be posting some photos up at my other blog about our break in Cameron Highlands soon.


  1. I managed to buy some Japanese green tea from Cold Storage. I don't know how good it is compared to the ones from Japan proper but you can see from the Japanese littered all over the packaging that it's not really local. Have you tried it? :)

  2. sounds like you had a blast in CH. i didn't plan my itinerary well, so i missed the chance of visiting the tea center. :(

  3. I like Boh tea. It would be lovely to visit the plantation and see the tea plants.
    *waits for posts*

  4. baru g ichigo gari last 2 weeks...tapi, ramai sgt la bangladesh kat Cameron tuuu

  5. @Jim,
    got a lot of tea selection from Cold Storage, but I did bought one there but it wasn't as good as the ones I got from friends in Japan.

    @Life Ramblings,
    We did. We didn't know that the tea plantation was closed on Monday but luckily we were there for a 3D trip so we got plenty of time to tour Cameron.

    You must not miss it! The Sungai Palas plantation came highly recommended by the managers at Equatorial too.

    hahaha... betul. Yg dok tolong kitaorang pilih sayur masa kat vege farm pun Mamat Bangla. Dah 5 tahun dia kerja kat CH.

  6. Good to hear you had a great holiday over the weekend. How's the BOH green tea? Taste good?

  7. Waiting for more photos from you! : )

  8. @Mei Teng,
    haven't drank them yet. I'll keep you updated. :)

    there'll be lots of photos, about the journey, the hotel and places we went in Cameron. :)

  9. Looking fwd to yr comments on how good is the BOH green tea and what's the price like ?

  10. That's a nice holiday relaxing.

    BOH green tea is new to me...hope it is great tasting too.

  11. @pikey,
    gotta check the market price at the supermarket here to compare but we got the 50 teabags pack for RM8.50 and the 25 teabags for RM4.70. Not badlah...

    Relaxing amidst greenery. :)

    Your escape was nice too.

  12. i have never been to cameron.
    one day, perhaps.

  13. @Richard,
    that's the spirit! :) Esp now that airfares have gone down so much.

  14. Mmmm! I love Boh tea! I really want to visit places like you visited, and drink tea (:

  15. @Lauren,
    You do? Yeay!
    Sure, why not visit Cameron Highlands someday. It's fun. :)


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