Sunday, 28 June 2009

Have You Climbed Mount Fuji?

Apart from the countless questions on us three visiting Japan over and over again, people tend to ask me whether we've climbed Mount Fuji. The answer to that is, we've enjoyed the view from afar, but yet to attempt to reach its peak. I've gotten plenty of incredulous remark about me wasting my time going to Japan and not attempting the conquer the peak.

Some would go to the extent to tell you that you have not traveled Japan until you have scaled Mount Fuji. But do you know that only 1% of the Japanese ever experience climbing the mountain?

Of course, there is a saying that goes : "He who climbs Mount Fuji is a wise man, he who climbs twice is a fool" or "You are a fool if you never climb Mt. Fuji and you are an even bigger fool if you climb it more than once.”

If anyone is planning to climb Mount Fuji, the "official" climbing season begins on 1 July and ends on 31 August and it is most popular to ascend the mountain overnight to see the sunrise.

We'll leave Mount Fuji (or Fujisan) climbing out of our planning for now though. So, if anyone planning to do the climb, we are totally the wrong people to ask for tips! On the other hand, over 80% of the Japanese countryside is hilly or mountainous terrain so we'll hopefully be hiking or climbing something on our next vacation. Nothing too high, and instead of Mount Iwate, a hike to Mount Mitake is a consideration too. We'll just view Fujisan for far, for the moment.

Kak Lela of Awan Okinawa Berlalu, who resides in Okinawa did manage to make the climb in 2007. Bravo to her! For me, I think I'll head for Mount Kinabalu first before attempting the Fujisan. When will that be, I wonder? LOL


  1. Trust me darling, you've got to be mentally and physically ready for the climb 6 months prior.

    Most people tried, but only about 30% made it to the top.

    But don't be discouraged, challenge your limit.

  2. I can't climb Mt Fuji even if I want to. :( I have weak knees and a hurting ankle.

    I'll also admire it from afar and take photos of it. :P

  3. I climbed Mt. Fuji 6 years ago and I really want to go back.

  4. I loved this quote... "He who climbs Mount Fuji is a wise man, he who climbs twice is a fool." There are so many things I would like to do before I die and this is definitely one of them. I'd also like to be in the audience for a super bowl and ride in a space shuttle!

  5. i'd love to conquer and see the snow on Mount fuji someday. it's so beautiful up there. but easier said than done.:D

  6. @Kak Lela,
    Ini nak go hike to Mount Mitake/Iwate pun I've already started hitting the gym 5 days/week. Hopefully tak semput when the time comes. LOL

    Mount Fuji - have to wait some more lah! :D But wow! You are among the top 30% lah...

    I'll do the same too for the time being. Just admiring her beauty from afar. :)

    Cool! How did you prepare for the climb?

    I'd like to ride in a space shuttle too.

    @Life Ramblings,
    Yes, easier said than done but then, as Kak Lela commented we've got to challenge our limits so maybe both you and me will someday be standing on the peak! :)

  8. I've seen it in magazines before... hope i get the chance to climb it some day... heard there's a shrine at the top.

  9. I was at the foot of Mt Fuji at the age of 12. Didn't climb but had loads of fun...scooping up snow and goofing with my family.

    I dislike mountain climbing so don't think I wanna attempt Mt Fuji.

  10. Wow! I think it would be great to climb Mount Fuji! But I think better start with Mount Kinabalu first like you said : )

    But why is it that you are a fool if you climb Mount Fuji twice?

  11. No hurry to climb myself... I can see it from my apartment (on a clear day, it's pretty much invisible May ~ October) which is enough for now.

  12. @pikey,
    Hope you'll get to climb the mount someday. :-)

    @Mei Teng,
    Goofing around playing with snow at the foot of Mount Fuji sounds nice. :)

    I thought you'd enjoy mountain climbing because you are always out and about. LOL

    Me and you both. Maybe we can set a date to climd Mount KK together and force others to joins us too. :D

    Beats me what the proverbs mean, maybe someone out there can help?

  13. I didn't prepare for it. If I were to go with my wife I'd have her do the stair-stepper.

  14. @Penguin,
    Nice view from your house.

    I guess Penguins enjoy climbing the ice floes more than climbing mountains, eh?

    Why is the view clear during winter and not summer?

    I think I need to do hit the stair-stepper too, to prepare myself for our intended hike.

  15. The air is very hazy in summer, probably a result of humidity (might be pollution but it doesn't strike me as such), which cuts down the distance you can see quite a lot. I moved in last August, and it took me about 2 months to realise the mountain was actually visible. I thought it was obscured by some building as I had seen what looked like its slopes peeking out from behind it, then I happened to look out of the window one evening at sunset and whoa there was a whacking great mountain all of a sudden.

    Best viewed on a cold winter's day when the air is fresh and it's covered in snow.

  16. Have those people who said those things about you climbed Mount Fuji themselves? I really wonder... :P

    There's so many places to explore in the countryside in Japan. Even the Japanese themselves have yet to fully explore their own country. I used to watch this programme on Channel Newsasia about travelling in Japan and was surprised to find that the Japanese don't really know all the nice places. Patutlah need TV programme XD

  17. @Penguin,
    So the view will be nice and clear for us in Dec?
    Although we may a tad too early for a crisp winter feel.

    Hahaha... I wonder too. Although I guess for them, pouring out of a tour bus and take photo at the base of Mount Fuji is equal to being on the Mount itself. :D

    Everyone has their own opinion about what to do while in Japan, that's why we never tell people what they must do if they want to vacation. Heck! I've yet to fully cover Malaysia myself. I wish more people has the opinion like you. ;)

    The Japanese travel programmes are nice, I wish Astro show more of them, but now not so much esp as I don't subscribe to the Chinese Program. Had to contend myself with 8TV travel program (the Chinese language one, forgot what its called). Very good show, that.

    @Blogger Rise,
    Very nice indeed...

  18. It's true that I like 'gallivanting' about town but no mountain climbing for me. Mt KK was a nightmare for me.

  19. Hi Lina! I'm back to blogging! It's not easy to climb...people think it's as easy as ABC. There are steps and prep to do before you can set sail for a hike. I also agree on simple family relaxation. Nothing too stressful. Viewing it from a far is good enough.

  20. @Mei Teng,
    Hahaha... yalar, gallivanting around town and a mountain hike (Mount KK some more) are not the same experience.

    Been quiet without you. ;)

    Some quiet time for relaxing and some time for hectic stuff (like dashing off shopping) would be an ideal vacation for me. LOL

  21. ahahaha, now I'm back in the game! lol

    same thing goes for me for vacations ;D

  22. Hehe my friends came in March and really wanted to climb but it wasnt climbing season. They were disappointed. But I think during climing season you can go half way up by car or something? I might try it next year or something!

  23. I climbed Fuji-san last year, and it was not so hard, just in a breath ;)) Going down is tough ;))

    And I guess I'm a great fool, because I'm going to climb one more time this year, just for the show ;))

    It's really a great place, and actually a big machine for money!!! ;))



  24. Mount Fuji from Japan is exciting climb with multiple routes available. Hassle free Kawaguchiko route or interesting Suashiri route might attract a lot of people. Some adventurous people would prefer Gotemba route & little lazy ones might go for Tokaido Shinkansen.


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