Saturday, 13 June 2009

Tasting My New Boh Green Tea

Typically when you think of Boh tea, you think of Boh's endless selection of black teas, right?

I got two new packs of tea to try. I bought a new pack of genmaicha before we went to Cameron Highlands and in Cameron Highlands, I bought a pack of Boh green tea for me and another for Zaini. Plenty of tea for us!

Boh tea pack and genmaicha pack.

Boh's 25s teabags pack cost me RM4.70 (interestingly, it is cheaper to buy in Jusco!) and the Yukino genmaicha 20s teabags cost me RM16.80. I'm always excited to try new brand of tea in my quest for a good cup of (unsweetened) tea but I sure can't afford the high-end products. All my tea are supermarket bought anyway and never cost more than RM20.00! But it is always funny when my Chinese friends and colleagues seemed somewhat taken aback when they see me drinking green/chinese tea or when they see me with my selection of teapots brewing tea in the pantry. Somehow, a Malay drinking green/Chinese tea seems like an anomaly to some people.

What's my verdict of the Boh green tea? The taste was a little too delicate for my liking and the aroma was too subtle. The bitterness of the green tea was only evident after I steeped the teabag for more than 5 minutes because otherwise it didn't have the taste that I want. A light tasting tea, but for someone who is not a connoisseur, it tasted somewhat similar to other chinese tea in the market.

I'm going to finish this tea first before I opened my genmaicha pack. Unlike the genmaicha tea which is individually foiled packed, the Boh teabags are not. Anyone up for a cup of tea?


  1. Can I have some? =) Hmm, i don't like bitter tasting teas, I don't enjoy it much!

    Have a pleasant weekend Lina!

  2. I love teas. Green tea, jasmine tea and the red label Pu Err are some of my favourites. I have tasted green tea with subtle taste and smell of seaweed..which I like but don't know what's the name or brand.

    I enjoy a cuppa of Lipton tea every morning for breakie. I only take green tea and other Chinese teas when I am out dining.

  3. @Ayie,
    Have a great weekend too! :-)

    @Mei Teng,
    Seaweed tea? That should be interesting. Was it good?

    I like to take my tea in the afternoon. A cup of Lipton tea and another pot of green tea for me daily. :)

  4. yeah, thanks for the invitation. i wanna join u for a cuppa tea too if i can. :)

    While all tea is healthy to drink, i still prefer green tea which is relatively low in caffeine, reducing cholesterol and providing anti-oxidants.

  5. Yup, it tasted good and if I wasn't mistaken there were roasted grains in the teabag. Aromatic.

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    I drink green tea for the same reasons too. :)

    Maybe one day we can chat over a nice cup of tea. In Penang perhaps? ;D

    @Mei Teng,
    I like tea with roasted grains. :)

  7. Tried lipton's and agree with you on it being too light, especially if you use one teabag to make a pot..

  8. @kruel74,
    I usually use 2 lipton teabags for a mug of tea with condensed milk. :) How about you?

  9. I prefer tea leaves so that I can mix the amount of leaves to make it light or bitter. Same goes for green tea :D

  10. that sounds delightful. i'd very much would like to meet u too. :D

  11. @Jim,
    but so hassle when drinking them when you're busy. :D
    For leisurely drink, yes I too like loose tea leave.

    @Life Ramblings,
    We'll have to make a date someday. :)

  12. I just went Tenji the other day and tried their blueberry tea and mixed fruit tea. They were quite nice!

    Btw, I've got an award for you for being one of my top 10 commenters! : )

  13. I take my tea straight, as well as my coffee. No sugar, no milk... (this is the answer to ur Q above)

  14. @foong,
    thanks for the award. I sure do yak a lot in your blog, eh? XD

    Wow! That's bitter drinks for you. I need milk in my coffee. :)

  15. Im more a hot chocolate man. Lots of milk, lots of sugar. I only drink green tea and stuff in Japan when it is free :P

    I do drink oolong when I am in a healthy mood and dont wanna drink coke lol..

  16. @Prometheus,
    soooo how often are you in the healthy mood? :D

  17. I went outback on sunday and ordered oolong instead of coke :)

    I am going to the gym now so I am gradual trying to eat more so called cleaner food. I guess trying to stop drinking coke all together and drinking water and tea might be the best :) Hard though :(

    Hopefully I can always be in a healthy mood :P

  18. i usually take one bag for one mug & 1 tea spoon sugar ........... its really gud for health

  19. @Prometheus,
    Hope you'll be in the mood always. :D

    I sometimes need my dose of coke too even though I know it's much better to have tea or water instead. :)

    just 1 teaspoon? Good for you. :)

  20. Black Tea is my favorite hot beverage. If it is green or read we still call it Black Tea.


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