Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cafe Tobacco - A Haven For Japanese Smokers?

Japan has banned smoking from most public places but there is good news for nicotine addicts: but one company has given refuge to the dwindling ranks of tobacco addicts - by opening smokers-only cafes. Cafe Tobacco caters to smokers, who can indulge in their habit without guilt.

A sign posted at the entrance advises people with children and those under 20 to refrain from using the cafe. Smoke neutralizers are installed on each floor because "Smokers also hate smoke from other smokers," said a Towa Food Service official. Ironic, no?


  1. Welcome to the hell chamber where people get cancer ... lol ... they smoke too much, they drink too much.

  2. "Smokers also hate smoke from other smokers"...hehhe..I find this surprising. I thought these people must love the smoke so much!

    I don't know but I think those cafe owners ought to have thought of the good of those smokers by not encouraging them in this destructive habit.

  3. agree with mei, funny that they hate somebody else's smoke while they carelessly puff their smoke to others too!

    i don't know it it's good or bad to have this place...maybe good for those people who hates to be around smokers and bad for those who really abuse their ciggie use here.

  4. @Cindy,
    They do everything in excess. Work too much, self destruct too much too? :O

    @Mei Teng & Ayie,
    Funny to think that if smokers hate inhaling other smokers smoke, why didn't they think about how non-smokers would feel, right?

    I bet the cafe owner is thinking more about profit that the general health of the public.

  5. Singapore is banning smokers in many air-con buildings. We have fresher air. :P

  6. Hey Lina, there was a huge uproar when London ban indoor smoking in 2007. Initially, there were some concerns about difficulty in enforcing the law but it seems that, save for a few defiant individuals, Britons have generally taken it in their stride. There are grumbles yes, but most seem to support the ban.

    Oh, thanks for including my site in your blogroll. As I have recently moved to a private domain, would you be so king to direct the link instead to instead?

    C K

  7. @ECL,
    there are ban here too, but sadly lack in enforcement in some places. :(

    OK noted. Will change it afterwards.

  8. i hate smoke of any kind. the stench is unbearable.

  9. absolutely self destructing. oh, I forgot bout the prostitution part too. lol....

    by the way, I have an award for you. Announce it in my blog. Go there and read about it~ ^_^

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    It can be unbearable and unfortunately, I'm surrounded with smokers - both in-laws and my own family. :(

    Eeekk! Prostitution too!

    Anyway, thanks for the award. :)

  11. I find it odd, that if a smoking ban is the law, that a cafe can not abide by the law and encourage all within? My state one of the first to ban smoking in public places, I was thrilled. I'm allergic to it and really hate the smell. With all the negative information out there now, I'm floored anyone still smokes.

    Why not just insert a knife into yourself, and each day push it in a bit more? Would people find that odd?

  12. Wow! I hope Malaysia is like Japan too - I mean be very strict with no smoking in public and if need be, have cafes for smokers only. Although I will never step in there! : )

  13. I heard there's a new kind of electric cigarettes that help smokers get their dose of nicotine without the addition of hundreds of other harmful chemicals in normal cigarettes. Also this electic cigarette does not emit smoke and is environmentally and non smoker friendly.

  14. @Sandy,
    Ha! That's an interesting question to ponder by smokers all around the world.

    I would not too. And I too wish that we be more strict on enforcing the no-smoking ban. Seems that most if not all, proprietors are afraid they would lose their smoking customers but at the expense of their non-smoking ones.

    I think I read somewhere about those electric ciggies too.

  15. weird to hear that smokers dislike other smoker's smoke. isn't all smoke the same? different smell?

  16. @renaye,
    I agree. Their own smoke must smell nicer than others. *Snigger*


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