Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Delicious But Unhealthy Snack

Of late, there is this one snack that I can't resist when I hit Jusco Supermarket.
It's ika geso karaage! (or deep fried squid). They have original, curry and spicy flavour, if I'm not mistaken. I always go for the original.
A gamut of texture - crunchy, oily coating with chewy squid tentacles/leg/beard/head(errr.... what do you call a "janggut sotong" in English, BTW?)

Got to watch out how much I eat these though. This is definitely not a healthy option for a snack!


  1. I'll joing you with your food trip, that's one pf my fave too =)

  2. Umm yummy and yet not so healthy. Why the good one always the unhealthy one? hmmmmm

  3. I have never tasted this snack before. Looks rangup..:) Once awhile can snack la...hehe

  4. @Farah,
    itulah, all the sedap food may not be good for you. Why oh why! :D

    @Mei Teng,
    True, ok lah to enjoy/indulge once in a while. :)

  5. Some of my friends started to buy Jusco sushi after I told them what the packs contained and to add some shoyu and wasabi or benishoga to the equation. Maybe next time I'll tell them about the fried stuff too, lol.

  6. @Jim,
    Wah! You are a good promoter. :D Maybe better don't tell, lest they got hooked! LOL

  7. yeeeee.. so oily, LOL... but i like to eat also la...

  8. @pikey,
    ya... eeeee indeed. But that oil makes it soooo sinful and delicious. LOL

  9. Lina,

    Want to share one Japanese Restaurant with u(Sekinchan area)...
    Emmmm but actually not a new restaurant, more to new management & chef --> manage by my sempai

    Do try it

  10. @Su,
    try masuk tapi tak boleh. Went to webs.com nye site instead. Takpe, nnt cuba balik. :)


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