Friday, 17 July 2009

Korean Food Fair At MidValley Megamall

Apart from the J Card Members' sale at Mid Valley, there's a Korean Food Fair currently on too. Located at LG floor, the fair showcase plenty of food items from Korea. We had fun sampling the many kimchis available. Yesterday, there were some Korean mini melons (looks pretty similar to Cameron Highland's apple) that is sold at RM35.90 per packet.

These past two days, it was madness getting to MidValley. There was traffic jam each day! Lucky, no traffic jam for those walking. Lucky me, eh?


  1. I browsed through the Korean food fair couple of days ago (Monday). Was tempted to try the instant noodles...but decided against it. Trying to minimise intake of instant noodles...not that I take them very much though.

    Did you buy anything?

  2. @Mei Teng,
    Not yet. Maybe the kimchi today. :)

  3. It'll be crazy enough to buy that packet of noodles.

  4. i don't really like Korean food as the amount of salt that a lot of it has.

    is ginseng available there?

  5. Oh! I didn't know there's a Korean Food Fair at Mid Valley. I was at the Gardens yesterday and I ate the Dolsat Bibim Bap at Food Gardens : )

  6. @pikey,

    @Life Ramblings,
    Yep, got ginseng too. Didn't check them out though.

    Oh! So you came to MV yesterday. Go to Gardens, so near to me oredi. Next time, maybe can meet up. :)

  7. Ooooh wahhhh yeahhhh

    That is probably my response if I were to be there. MV is quite happening with all these Korean stuff huh? XD

    Anyway lina, you must come to my blog now and join in the game to win a novel for yourself (or your friend)! 240-pages, BRAND NEW. :)

    I really hope you can win this :P

  8. i tried the korean melons, it's ok. Hmmm, i can smell the korean bbq! =P

  9. @Jim,
    I know you'll be interested in this. :)

    There are more promotion for Japanese stuff than Korean though.

    Hahaha... hungry?

  10. Yes can meet up next time. Will let you know if I go Gardens again. Btw, I always park at the Gardens now even if I want to go Mid Valley. Just love the parking lot! Haha!

  11. @foong,
    I like the parking there too. And if planning to spend >RM100, can park at Premier Parking for free. :D

    But Zaini doesn't like parking there, when we buy groceries at Jusco. So far... :D

  12. Well one day there'll be as much Korean stuff as Japanese. I hope. XP

    I was hoping there would be instapackages of Sam Gye Tang ingredients. Well nevermind, I can't go and it's probably harder to find out which is Sam Gye Tang from the weird-looking characters XD

  13. @Jim,
    If I can read Korean, maybe I can look out for you. :)

    As it is, more Korean places start sprouting up everywhere and very easy to find now.


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