Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We Went To Daiso

When we were in Japan, we always made a point to drop by Daiso for some cheap shopping. Know what we like to buy there? Cheap crockery and household items! My favourite store is the one nearby Hakata Station!

All items at just RM5 each! (100yen = approximately RM3.70 now, so the price is not that much higher for things imported from Japan. Although some Daiso items are Made in Malaysia, you know).

We went to Daiso at The Curve but didn't buy anything. Just browsed around and looking at stuff. The storefront of Daiso in Malaysia is a boring green and unlike the cheery ones in Japan.

I would've missed the store if Zaini hadn't pointed it out to me because I was looking for a similar looking storefront as in Japan (looks a bit like a pharmacy signboard, don't you think?) Apart from the store at The Curve, there are 3 other Daiso stores in Malaysia - 1Borneo in KK, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and IOI Puchong.

Plenty of stuff sold here but those looking for Japanese snacks might be disappointed. No Japanese food items sold here.

For us, we went gaga over plates, trays, bento boxes and those cute rice shapers (but not enough teapot available for me). I think I'm inspired to do some Japanese themed cooking for the weekend now! LOL


  1. tips berjimat cermat orang jepun: don't ever go near Daiso if u have no important things to buy!huhu...alamak..baru perasan dah lama tak jejak kaki kat daiso:)

  2. I agree the storefront was pretty boring. Maybe more in line with Malaysian shoppers?

  3. @hanny,
    hahaha.. dangerous nanti terbeli nonsense stuff ek? My tips here, don't go to Tesco unless you have a list. Selalu terbeli barang yang tak patut dibeli sebab cekononnya murah & on offer. Huhuhu

    maybe. That means we Malaysian are pretty boring lot? :D

  4. I totally love DAISO! Always end up buying more than I planned beforehand. I didn't know how the stores in Msia look like until you put that picture up! My gosh... Daiso here's definitely more "appealing" to customers! lol

  5. @Cindy,
    pretty boring eh? But the stuff they sell are similar, thank goodness for that!

  6. Eh... din know Curve has one... but I have been to the IOI one... not bad.

  7. How come they don't stock Japanese food since the store's from Japan? I have never heard of Daiso. I am so out of touch with stores in shopping malls.

  8. @pikey,
    haven't been to IOI one. Is it big?

    @Mei Teng,
    dunno. Some ppl say it's because of the HALAL issue but then Shojikiya sells food items from Japan.
    Or maybe because food have sell by dates so maybe Daiso is afraid can't sell a lot of them?

  9. There are a lot of places to get really good cheap stuff in Japan. It is a myth that everything in Japan is expensive.

    Only some things are expensive.

  10. Perhaps i'll like that store and I'll go gaga over buying too! =)

  11. i haven't been to Daiso as the store is not in my neighbourhood.

  12. @Tornadoes28,
    True unless one aims to go for branded items and shop in posh malls.

    But of course, for us here the exchange rate is what made Japan seems expensive (but IMO not much so compared to vacationing in UK).

    I think you'll like it. Everything (well, most of them anyway) for 100 yen!

  13. @Life Ramblings,
    They should open one in Penang! :)

  14. We have Daiso stores in Singapore too. I have bought some nice ceramics from them. Cheap and can use daily. :)

  15. @ECL,
    I've been told that Singapore's Daiso is way better than Malaysian stores. How much are the stuff sold in Singapore.

    I love the ceramics too. :)

  16. I'll end up having a bag full of items =)

  17. You can't beat Daiso for cheap crap made in China.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Didn't see this one in the Curve. In fact didn't have enough time to see the whole place.

    No Daiso downunder either. But it's ok, if I want stuff I'll search for places to buy XD

  20. @Contamination,
    and some of those crap come from my country too. :D

    Daiso is located on the 2nd floor, if I'm not mistaken. You can always go to Singapore. I've been told the Singapore outlets are much better.

  21. the daiso at melaka is selling snacks now

  22. @Esther,
    Really? Ha then good news for Melaka people looking for Japanese snack. :)


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