Sunday, 30 August 2009

Got Our JAL Coupon

Look what came to our doorstep on Friday. Our JAL coupons that I redeemed my JAL mileage for. We had initially thought of using these coupons to pay for our stay at Nikko Hotel in Japan, but the room rates were higher on the dates that we wanted to go (as opposed to the dates we initially chosen in December); what with Sept 21 - 23 being a public holiday and a long weekend in Japan and all. We don't really want to spend all that much for a hotel stay because we might as well to use the money for souvenir shopping! ^-^

So, we'll probably use this coupon to purchase something. We'll see...

Redeeming them was relatively painless. I did it online and less than a week later, I got our coupons! Talk about speedy delivery;
all the way from Japan via DHL.


  1. Efficient service!

    I also don't want to stay at expensive hotels on vacation. A reasonably good one will do. Rather spend $$$ on sightseeing.

  2. @Mei Teng,
    Totally efficient. And their cabin crew are all efficient too, that's why we love flying with JAL. (Do I sound like an ad for them? LOL)

    Yeah, I'd rather spend the $$$ on something else. :)

  3. DHL?? ish terasa plak akak kat sini.. kekekekekkk :D

  4. @Syidot,
    promote kompeni ko sket.wakaka...

  5. Fast response and great service from JAL. you must be on cloud 9 to receive these coupons.

  6. i'd rather splurge on souvenirs and other items too but most of the major hotels in japan can be very expensive.

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    Yeah, 5 star hotels are way out of our budget. But then again, their business hotels are not too shabby despite the low prices. Clean, comfortable room is enough right? (+ free breakfast). :)

  8. This kind of service level is definitely very impressive.

  9. Wow! that's very effecient!

    I rather spend money on sightseeing and good food! Hotel stay just clean and comfortable is enough.

  10. @BK,
    yep, great service from them. :)

    true. Hotel is a place to sleep only. :D

  11. Hi Lina! That's a very fast service! It's just wise to use coupons to lessen expenses, I agree with more souvenir shopping. Do we get one souvenir too? =P

    happy monday! happy merdeka day to you!

  12. @Ayie,
    Sure you do. :) But I'm afraid it won't be anything that heavy or expensive. ;)

    Happy monday to you too!

  13. Really? wow so nice of you... =) thanks

    happy wednesday now =) I'm late!


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