Monday, 3 August 2009

I Uttered My First Korean Word Today!

Nothing much to write but nonsense today. LOL

I'm just being proud of myself for uttering my first Korean word to the nice Korean lady at the Food Gardens food court. I said "Kam-sa-ham-ni-da" to her instead of merely mouthing "thank you". Kinda felt guilty because she made the effort to say a few Malay words to us (she wrote them down in a piece of paper), apart from the extra food she gave us when we were there. This time she gave a bowl of iced watermelon to Raimie.

Next, I need to learn to confidently say "delicious" to her in Korean.


  1. Looks like both of us have telepathetic power. We make a post on things Korean. :D

  2. should be "masshi soyo" for delicious! I learned Korea by myself because if you know Japanese, it's easier to learn Korean! XD

  3. @ECL,
    must be fun learning to make kimchi. I'd love to learn too! :)

    Thanks. Will practise it soon.

  4. What does Kam Sa Ham Ni Da mean?

  5. Tak tau kenape. This time around I was craving for Korean Spicy Reimen (cold noodle). Nasib baik dpt bedal mase transit kat Seoul airport aritu ;)

  6. I only know kamsa hamida and sarang heyo.. however it is spelled :p

  7. @Mei Teng,
    It means thank you, I believe. :)

    hai, mengidam Korean food, ye...

    You've said sarang heyo to a special Korean lady? :)

  8. applause to you for uttering the very first Korean word. :)

    i don't even know a word of the language. :(

  9. what a coincidence! last saturday we attended a surprise party for my hubs' aunt and she's a korean. i migled with all her korean fiend and also uttered few words and greetings =)

  10. good morning lina and everybody!

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    Despite watching Korean show, I don't how a whole lot too. :D

    Both you and ECL have something Korean too, it seems. :)

    Evening Ayie! Had dinner yet?

  12. Easier to watch Korean drama now

  13. @kruel74,
    True, but to tell you the truth, apart from a handful, I hate Korean dramas. Too sappy.

    But I love their silly gameshows. :)

  14. havent spoken any korean to anyone :P

  15. It's great that you're learning Korean. I am sure the Korean lady appreciates your effort in speaking her native language :)

  16. @pikey,
    not yet? Ah... pity. :D

    @Mei Teng,
    I hope so too. :)

  17. always early dinner...most of the time =)

    Goodnight lina...good mornign from here =)

  18. well done. learning another language is hard. i wish i knew another

  19. @Ayie,
    It's good to take dinner early. :)

    Me too (learning language that is) :)

  20. Oh! You always visit the Korean stall at the Food Gardens? I must try and say some Korean words there too! Haha! The Korean lady is very hardworking at promoting her korean dishes right?

  21. I'm currently struggling with my Mandarin. Had a hard time conversing with the locals in Guilin on my China trip recently!

  22. @foong,
    less visit there already nowadays esp since Zaini doesn't take rice at all anymore.

    I probably go there once or twice a month only, but she still remembers us. :)

    After all these years surrounded by Cantonese speaking people, I still can't utter a single word convincingly. :D

  23. @foong,
    so they know you are not local from the way you speak lah... :D


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