Tuesday, 25 August 2009

If I Can't Go To Japan, Let Me Fly To Switzerland Instead

One thing I love about vacationing in Japan is the level of service there. Now, if you are like me and been used to scowling and grumpy hotel staff (I see this a lot here, unfortunately) good service is a breath of fresh air and something that I sought for. The coming trip will be our 6th trip (5th for Raimie) to Japan. A colleague asked me whether I have no interest in visiting other countries and I think if I can't go to Japan, I'd like to visit Switzerland.

Going to a Swiss Hotel would be a great experience for me and my family. I'll look forward to experiencing what it means for a "Typically Swiss" experience. From what I gather it meant Service that is a touch more personal, an atmosphere that is authentic, food that is surprisingly down to earth - Typically Swiss is no empty promise, but rather the badge of honour for a hotel experience to be had only in Switzerland.

For a romantic getaway for me and Zaini, I'd love to go country inns or somewhere in the countryside or the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking view Switzerland can offer like the one below. Imagine waking up to such view.

I wouldn't say no to staying in this hotel. A stylish hotel, right down to the smallest detail. Sounds like the Hotel for me! If you are planning for a vacation, why don't you check out Switzerland and enjoy a Swiss Hotels experience! I know I will.



  1. I would choose Switzerland over Japan! :)

  2. switzerland is definitely a great place to visit. i'm sure you'll love the place as much as i do. the country is so clean and serene. i missed the snow capped mountains and the crisp cool air.

  3. Switzerland YES YES YES!!! :-)

    I pun rase nak pi sana lg. Sgt cantik, service bagus n org pun baik jek.

  4. Nothing beats Korea for me! :P

  5. @Mei Teng,
    Japan still rank #1 for me! :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Oooo... Imagining your description makes me wanna jump on a plane now.:)

  6. @Farah,
    Tapi jauh la pulak. :D One day, for sure. :)

    Hahaha... I know you'd chose Korea first!

    Welcome back! You are sorely missed, you know. ;D

  7. Me Japan first then italy and switzerland probably =P

  8. Hey, that's ~my~ other country! :D

  9. @Ayie,
    hvnt gotten around replying your e-mail yet. :D
    But I'll try my best to find it. No promises though. :)

    so lucky to have Switzerland as a "kampung" :)

  10. no worries lina..thanks so much! I know you have your things to do there. I have the details in any case. =)

  11. Hi!!Blog hopping here..Hope you can visit my blog..God Bless!!I would love to visit both if possible

  12. @Ayie,
    OK. :)

    thanks for dropping by.


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