Friday, 28 August 2009

Keeping Tab Of Expenses While On Vacation

When you are vacationing, do you keep tab of all your expenses? For expenses with receipts, it is easier because we do keep all our receipts. But how about non-receipted (is there such a word?) expenses. Easy! Just take a photo of them like this one below:We take photos of our train tickets purchase, bus tickets, drinks from vending machines, gachapons bought, everything. Our expenses was always accounted for, right down to the last yen. Old habits die hard, because that's how we keep track of our daily expenses. And we don't charge anything that is not budgeted. We are quite frugal in spending money overseas.

And at the end of each day, Zaini will collate everything, jot them down in a notebook and balance them (just like when we used to work in Operations department in a bank. LOL)

We still have receipts from our previous trips kept nicely in a drawer. They are to us, souvenirs from all our trips.


  1. we also take note of everything, I'm very "budgety" and I make sure we're not beyond our expenses. It's good to practice frugal spending wen abroad. I'm the one always in charge of that most esp when i travel with my siblings.

    Have a goodnight Lina! and good morning here!

  2. @Ayie,
    Morning Ayie! :)

    I control the budget at home, but when travelling Zaini holds the rein.

  3. Share share your travel pics :D

  4. Lina,

    Celebrating Raya in Tokyo??? Sugoiiii
    Japan public holiday tau from 21sept-23sept tuu...

  5. @pikey,
    I will. Promise. :)

    tahu. Tu yg susah dpt hotel yg kitaorg nak tu... Somemore, room rate mahal! Huhuhu...

    BTW 21st tu my bday. 23rd tu Zaini's bday tau! :D

    Raya mana tahun ni?

  6. Good idea to take photos to record what you have spent! I will do that next time. Normally, I just key the expenses into my handphone. That's why I bring my handphone everywhere I go! : )

  7. @foong,
    Oh, you key them in your handphone. :)
    We stashed our handphones away during vacations.

  8. I don't audit my expenses much, just taking care so that I still see plenty of notes in my wallet :P

  9. Oops! I don't budget, just spend on whatever my eyes fell on. That's why sometimes overspend. :P

  10. @Jim,
    So got any notes left for the month end? Can belanja me makan. ;D

    So nice to be able to spend, spend and spend. :)

  11. Budget wisely is a good practice towards better handling one's finances. but it's easier said than done. at times, it's not ez to avoid temptations. hehe

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  13. Being frugal especially vacationing overseas is good. I have never thought of photographing those receips. Good idea but then takes up memory card space.

  14. @Life Ramblings,
    True, not easy to avoid temptations. ^_^

    @Carlton Ford,
    Why, thank you. :)

    @Mei Teng,
    That's why we lug around a mobile data storage along, not to mention extra memory card. :D

  15. I switch on my handphone during vacation cos sometimes we don't walk same place together and need to call each other in case we don't know how to meet back up.

    Also, I don't wear a watch and my handphone is my watch : )

  16. @foong,
    but oh the roaming charges! :O

    Ha, you don't wear a watch? Didn't notice that!


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