Friday, 14 August 2009

A New Haircut

Well, not really new because I had my hair cut last month. Seems like my hairstyle is all the rage now.
My hairstylist told me that she's cutting my hair in honour of my obsession towards Japan, so she'll go for a Japanese doll look. LOL
My hair now is shorter than what I'm used to, and I'm loving it. Foong, you know how I look and to find me when (or if) we meet up next week. :-)


  1. so really preparing to meet foong! cute cute haircut...last time i had bangs like that about a year ago =)

  2. Ohh... cute hairstyle u got there.

  3. @Ayie,
    Yeah, hopefully can meet foong next week. Too bad cannot reveal his photo here for all to see. :D

    And thanks for the compliments. :)

    Thanks. :)

  4. Lina, your hair's like the Japanese dolly! Only yours is dark and hers white. Japanese dolly inspiration huh?!

  5. @Mei Teng,

    This hairstyle is really popular now. So, mine's nothing special. :( (and I do like to be special. Hahaha)

  6. Lina, I think no problem finding you. I just need to find someone with that Japanese doll look. Haha!

    Btw, what's your email address? Would like to email you. Thanks! : )

  7. @foong,
    so many ppl with the same hairstyle now lah... don't go finding the wrong one! LOL

    got my e-mail oredi?

    thanks. :)

  8. Aiseh, I just give you a call and see if the lady with the same hairstyle as yours pick up her phone : )


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