Tuesday, 18 August 2009

To Yuzu Japanese Restaurant For Lunch

Another lunch out for me, after eating at The Boulevard Hotel on Friday and at Tony Roma's on Monday. Today, I had the good fortune of meeting up with Foongpc of My Very First Blog and our meeting place was at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant in The Gardens Mall. Any guess on who suggested the venue? :D

Sorry guys, no photo of the man himself, but you can look at what he chose for lunch. :) He went for the Yuzu Gozen set priced at RM48.00

I went for a cheaper meal and chose from the set lunch option. There are two options; the other one was Unagi & Sushi set (forgot the correct name). I went for the Sake Kabuto set priced at RM15.95.

If you want more photos, I guess you have to shimmy over to Foong's blog; when (and if) he posts about this lunch because I only took a couple. I totally forgot to bring my camera! Old age must be creeping fast on me. LOL

It was really fun meeting Foong. We had a two hour lunch there! Sorry Foong if I talk too much. Don't know whether all my jabbering bore him to death. ^-^

And he kindly brought me a souvenir from Guilin:
Hopefully we'll meet again after my trip to Japan. Deal?


  1. It must be Foong's suggestion!

    That's a nice souvenir. Wow..you guys had a 2hr lunch! Such luxury...:)

  2. Mei Teng, you are wrong! It was Lina's suggestion! Haha!

  3. Even though I like Japanese food, Lina likes it much more than I do! She's into all things Japanese, remember? : )

  4. Wah, Lina, didn't expect you to post about this so fast! I will definitely blog about it too but don't know when lah. I thought of asking you if you want to borrow some of the photos I took since you didn't bring your camera, but you already blogged about it! : )

    Good thing you mentioned the name of the set I ordered - I can't remember the name! You should have let me take your photo lah! : )

  5. I enjoyed the lunch and our 2 hours of chit chatting. No, you did not bored me at all - it was fun talking to you! We will definitely meet up again after your Japan trip! : )

    Mei Teng, maybe next time you want to join us?

    If today is a buffet lunch, it won't be just 2 hours! Maybe 3 or 4? Haha!

  6. Looks like you had a nice lunch with foong! Hmmm, I wonder when can I ever meet any of you?

  7. I knew it, Lina's suggestion! Knowing how excited your are for your japan trip..i sense you might want everything japanese =)

  8. @Mei Teng,
    A 2 hour lunch all because of Foong. LOL

  9. @foong,
    I don't have anything else to post, that's why! LOL

    Yeah, have to make a date after I come back. Come join us Mei. :)

    Go to Spread - have to bring more Kakis for 50% discount. Maybe Wild Rice? :-)

  10. @Ayie,
    Never say never. Who knows I somehow got "lost" to your place. LOL!

  11. what a lovely souvenir and a great lunch with foong.

    have fun in Japan.

  12. bad !!! akak deal jugak !!
    kekekekekek :D

  13. @Life Ramblings,
    Thanks! Yes, the souvenir is lovely. I'm putting it aside for show. :)

    Sapa akak tu? Aku tua pada ko lah!!! Huhuhu

    Ko Belanja kan? Deal or no deal?

  14. Oh, we should have a bloggers gathering at The Spread! Can get 50% discount? I must go! Haha!

  15. I will definitely visit the place when I arrive in Japan a month from now. Thanks for the info and hope to read more useful insights from your blog.


    Seek No More

  16. @foong,
    Must find another 8 kakis before I can start negotiating! LOL

    The restaurant we ate is in Kuala Lumpur not in Japan, though I'll be visiting more restaurants in Japan in three weeks' time. :)

  17. I wish we have our own house already whenever you get lost here someday =) so we can comfortably accommodate you =P

  18. Hi Lina, guess who is this?

    I'm back hehe.

    And wow I can't believe so much happened while I was away. You two must have had a good time.


    Here's my new website:

  19. Don't worry, I am sure foong enjoyed your companionship a lot, so I bet he wasn't bored to death ;).

  20. @Jim,
    Welcome back! Yeah, gotta know about your new site and already updated the link too. :)

    I hope so too. Otherwise he might want to go out makan with me again in future. LOL


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