Sunday, 23 August 2009

Vacationing During The Fasting Month

Almost everyone who knows me know that we'll be vacationing in Japan during the Ramadhan month and we'll be fasting for last few days of Ramadhan there. A few had shown concerns over the fact that they think we might not fast while in Japan. For non-Muslims to ask, I will gladly tell them in detail that wherever we are in this world, we'll still fast if we are well and in good health. But for fellow Muslims to show concern shows of a low opinion of me and my faith, don't you think?

Anyway, fasting while vacationing should pretty much be like any day except that both Zaini and I don't need to go to work! But we do need to keep our activities in check to avoid dehydration. I for one do not believe that one should slow down on everyday activities just because one is fasting! Of course, I won't plan on running a marathon when I'm fasting! Heck, I already suspended my gym membership for a month.

We will arrive Tokyo on Sep 16 which is 5 days before the end of Ramadhan and the start of Syawal on which we Muslims will celebrate Aidilfitri (Eid-ul-fitr). Unlike in Kuala Lumpur where the imsak is around 5.40am and the iftar (breaking fast) around 7.20pm; it is at 3.30am and 6.30am respectively in Tokyo.

I jokingly tell my friends that it's good to travel while fasting. We get to save a few $$$ by not eating lunch!


  1. Haha...yeah can spend the money saved on food for other stuff like more touring, shopping! :)

  2. Happy fasting, Lina! Have you finished the training sessions with your personal trainer or is it going to continue after you return to gym?

  3. @Mei Teng,
    True! LOL

    I'm continuing after Raya. The training sessions is suspended along with my gym membership during the fasting month.

  4. You're still planning on doing activities while fasting? That's very admirable.

    I wish I had your willpower.

  5. That will be hard but it's your practice so I believe you can really get by with that.

    Lina I'm having a little dilemma for my husband's bday gift this sept 16.... I thought of you lastnight before sleeping since you're going to Japan. Can I ask you a little favor if possible?

  6. does that explain why you're having such food frenzy lately? enjoying the most before the fasting days =P

  7. @saw,
    I think will of believe makes one stronger and try harder. :)

    Sure. Maybe you wanna e-mail me later? :)

    In a way, yes... Ppl are trying to arrange a lot of lunch appointments before the fasting month.

  8. You just need to resist the food temptation when u see 'em

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