Friday, 11 September 2009

Almost There!

4 more days to go! Woohoo!!!

Got back our passports with our visa pasted in it. Phew!

I've finally changed our RM to Yen.

Nothing much to do now except pack and board the plane, I guess.

We didn't do any shopping for this trip. I'll be wearing my old clothes to Japan. No concrete plans in our itinerary except that we'll spend a day or two at Disneyland, a night at Nyuto Onsen, go hiking on Mount Mitake... the rest are open to changes. Hopefully we'll do a bit of shopping while in Japan. We'll see where the wind blows. ;D

On Tuesday next week, we'll race back home after work for buka puasa before taking the airport limo to KLIA at 8.00pm for our 10.50pm flight.

Which reminds me, I need a haircut soon. My hair is getting long. Gotta look nice for the vacation photos.


  1. Am also sending my business partner who is going to Europe for her Hari Raya that day... A new trend maybe?

  2. how fun to celebrate your Raya in Japan. you must be floating on cloud 9. :)

  3. You must be really looking forward to your trip. Me too. Just a couple more days.

  4. @kruel74,
    maybe because more and more people don't have a hometown or family to return to during Hari Raya?

  5. @Life Ramblings,
    Can't wait for the day we will be flying off. :)

  6. @Mei Teng,
    Done all your trip preparation already? :)

  7. Wow! You and Mei Teng go for nice holidays, I stay at home only : (

  8. Go climbing Mt Mitake? Before Raya or after? Puasa can climb or not? : )

    Can just imagine all those nice Japanese food you will be eating. Yum! Remember to take lots of photos yes?

  9. @foong,
    Now it's our turn pulak. You got back from Guilin, remember? :D

    After Raya lah go climbing. Otherwise scared got dehydrated. @_@

    Definitely lots of photos, and this time I'll put up plenty of them here. :)

  10. then we have so much photos to wait for! Have a safe and enjoyable trip Lina! That's nice to have free days that you can just do things depending on your mood.

    Thanks for the haircut reminder too...I have to get my hair trimmed as well. It has gotten so long already. Only now I've noticed it's mid-back now. +P

    Happy weekend!! mwuah!

  11. @Ayie,
    Thanks. Sure looking forward for a great trip.

    So had your trimmed yet? :) I just had done yesterday. And Zaini went for a completely different hairstyle too. I'll blog about it soon. :D

    Happy weekend to you too!

  12. Wow lina, so you are really going to Japan! I feel a little excited for you. but I'm sure you're much more excited than me though XD

  13. @Jim,
    Yep, we're going! In two days' time! :-)

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  15. kalau dah sampai nanti ... give me a call...

  16. @nash,
    OK Dokie. Nnt mintak no phone. :)

  17. nope, haven't done it yet. My hair's a bit sensitive, if the hands of the hairstylist a bit heavy it grows really bad so i am so undecided. Only if I can trim the back part but that's way too impossible...i can only cut hubs' hair!

  18. @Ayie,
    You cut your hubby's hair? Cool! Zaini won't let me near his hair! LOL

  19. haha he was like that too then after a while he asked me so many times if i really can cut his hair and i said yes but if he's not comfy about it just stop the bother! then he went in for a try and loved it! good thing!


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