Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back From Tokyo

I'm interrupting the continuity of our trip posts to inform you guys that we arrived Malaysian soil safely yesterday evening in one piece despite a few hiccups along the way. A near accident and a flight delay; again on our way back to Malaysia.

We didn't exceed our baggage allowance, with just 50kg of checked-in luggage to bring back home. We brought three bags from home to Japan. A backpack with our laptop inside and our travel documents, the silver colour bag for our clothes and toiletries and that big orange bag that we filled with festive cakes and cookies for friends in Japan.
We brought back the same three bags; the orange bag now filled with souvenirs, clothes and stuff we bought in Japan, a 730mmx440mmx360mm (or something,I forgot the correct dimension) box filled with newly bought toys for Raimie, a new Nike bag laden with stuff like keychains, phone straps, etc. And a plastic bag for a Gundam model (we bought two Gundam models). And don't forget, Zaini bought a bicycle in Japan. @_@

Security at Narita Airport wasn't as bad as last year. We've got to went through two scanners last year instead of the usual one before going through Immigration. There were still people who still seem oblivious to the liquid prohibition and still brought in bottles and bottles of water and drinks. Do you know that miso paste is considered liquid too? Don't bring any miso paste in your carry-on luggage!

Zaini met our ex-supervisor in the plane. We used to work under him years and years ago. He still recognised Zaini but I don't think he recognised me. ;D

I had fun watching a few Japanese movies and TV shows on the plane. I got to watch "The Proposal" on our way to Japan two weeks ago, and for this return trip, I just watched everything Japanese! I watched a particularly sad movie titled "Dear My Love" and actually cried in the plane! Sappy me! LOL

Do come and visit often and there'll be plenty more posts on our trip to Japan soon!


  1. Good to hear you've arrived home safely. I watched The Proposal too. Wasn't a great movie but kept me entertained for those hours up in flight.

  2. welcome back Lina! glad you arrived safely.

    i'm not comfortable on long flights and I often get the worst motion sickness. unfortunately, even the medicated oil is not permitted in carry-on baggage. :(

  3. FInally landed safe back home! Welcome back and glad to know everything went fine.

    Hmmm and you get to watch the movie you've always to see...The Proposal =P

  4. Can't wait to see all your goodies from japan! Take lots of pictures so we can see here =)

  5. @Mei Teng,
    It was a light movie to spend the hours away. ;)

  6. @life ramblings,
    oh, poor you. But lucky that didn't stop from traveling, eh? :-)

    Our flight back was a bit headache inducing due to turbulence. @_@

  7. @Ayie,
    Yeah, gotta watch the movie for free instead of hitting the cinema. :)

    All our goodies are strewn all over our home now. We'll start inventory taking during the weekend, I guess. :P

  8. Welcome back!!
    can't wait to see more pictures and hear your adventure. Don't keep me waiting ah. :P

  9. Arrival safely good to hear! Three packs there, three packs home? No extra?

  10. Did you fill the now cookies pack with souveniers for us now? hahaha :P.

  11. Waaa.. two clearance? That is strict. Eventually there are people who are still ignorant to the rule of no bottles of liquid exceeding 100ml per bottles.

    That or this people eventually just want to hope to bypass the customs... hahaha.

  12. @ECL,
    one will be up tomorrow (or is it the day after?) Don't worry, I'll bore everyone to tears with my posts on our Japan trip. :D

  13. @ladyviral,
    the three bags, plus 1 box that weigh close to 20kg and a new handbag that felt like it weighed 30kg with stuff inside.

  14. @ladyviral,
    the bags were filled with clothes and shoes and toys! LOL

    I just bought small souvenirs back for friends. Sorry all, bag too heavy oredi! Hehehe

  15. WHAT? Miso also considered as liquid? That's a bummer... thanks for telling me coz I plan to buy some for my mom when we're meeting at LA for family gatherings.. gotta remember to check it in then... ^_^

  16. @Cindy,
    Miso paste and mayonnaise too. I saw the list of things considered liquid at Narita airport.

    Wah, going to LA. How nice. *^-^*

  17. Welcome back! What near accident was that?

    Didn't exceed the baggage weight? I thought you bought a lot of things!

    I also kena had my hand sanitizer thrown away when I was at Guilin Airport. Forgot all about the hand sanitizer in my hand luggage! So expensive some more! : (

    Looking forward to more posts on your Japan trip! Can last 6 months worth of posts, right? : )

  18. @foong,
    remember, we got 60kg baggage allowance for the three of us. :D

    Poor you and your sanitizer. :D We stashed everything inside the check in luggage, even Raimie's medicine even though it was a prescribed ones with his name on it.

    Raimie fell between the platform and train at Kanda Station. Lucky we managed to grab him before he totally went under the train! @_@

  19. OMG! That's a near miss! Lucky you managed to grab him on time!

  20. @foong,
    ya, actually most of his body were already dangling between the platform!

    He was pretty traumatised afterwards and we didn't blame him. It serves as a reminder for us to be more careful in future.

    After we got down from the train, a train staff came to us to check whether Raimie was OK. Luckily, all was well...

  21. oh no....so sorry to hear about raimie...how is he now? I can't imagine how terrified he must be!

  22. @Ayie,
    He was a bit traumatised and vowed never to go to Japan. But after a week, he's been asking to return to Kawasaki so that he can meet Ultraman next year! LOL

    Other than that, he was fine. No injuries. And the train staff did check on us afterwards to make sure whether we need medical help or not.


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