Friday, 18 September 2009

Checking-In At Nikko Hotel, Ginza

From Tokyo Station, we made our way directly to our hotel, Nikko Hotel in Ginza. The hotel was located a bit far from the station so we had to walk quite a bit to reach the hotel. A small hotel, with just 10 floors (and about 15 rooms per floor) and 7 floors for guests rooms.

Checking in was a breeze. I just handed my JAL Mileage Bank card to the reception desk and they didn't even ask for our passports. We actually checked-in early and was allowed to enter our room immediately afterwards. Awesome!

Photos of the entrance and lobby. Those with wheelchairs might not be advisable to check-in here as there are steps going up to the lobby. Maybe there is a ramp somewhere, but I didn't see it. And the corridor leading to the elevators was quite small too.

Photos of our room. The room was quite small, with low ceiling. Hey, land in Ginza is at a premium, right? We just paid 20,000yen per night for a double room which is quite affordable.
A minuscule wardrobe in the room. Just a little bit taller than Raimie.Yukata in the room and me wearing one. It was long enough to fully cover me. Tall guests would find the yukata fit them just nice.
View from our room.
Small lobby on our room floor.
Pay TV vending machine for those who require "special" TV channel and entertainment.
Instead of a housekeeping trolley/cart, here it was just a housekeeping basket. Shows how small the hotel is.

Next up : what we ate on our first day in Tokyo. Want to know? Stay tuned! :D


  1. ooops will come back in a while, will have to pick up sis in law from school...woo so much tasks for me this week

  2. japan loves tiny stuffs =P

    the hotel might be small but they have everything in and with a good price. Not bad at all. Now i can't wait for your next set of posts =)

  3. selamat berhari raya di perantauan....

  4. lina...
    u should go to nippori and shopping Japanese cotton...
    also...Noritake outlet..

  5. iye la bad.. aku nih pun tertunggu2 ko hupdate blog, terasa berada di sana jugaks !!

    selamat ari raya kakak !! minta ampun maaf zahir dan batin gitu ye??

  6. That's a good price you are paying for the room! It has the comforts of home though small.
    How long will the discount last?

  7. Nice small hotel! haha! You can hide Raimie in the wardrobe! Oh, can't wait to see what you ate in Tokyo! : )

  8. Very good price room for the location.

  9. I love the look and feel of the rooms. So simple yet stylish.

  10. @Ayie,
    Hi Ayie! :)

    Yeah, the rooms and hotel might be small but service was by no means sub-par here.

    Esok raya kan? Selamat Hari Raya. Jap lagi nak pasang lagu Dendang Perantau lah.. Kasik feeling sikit. Wahaha!!!

  11. @Syidot,
    Selamat Hari Raya. Jangan lupa anak aku nak duit raya! Hohoho

    Terasa kat sini gak ke? Bagus, bagus. Jimat duit takyah beli tiket kapal terbang. Muahahaha!!!

    Ko masak apa utk pagi raya? :)

  12. @ECL,
    I got the the room rate as a JAL Mileage Member. Room only rate with no breakfast. With breakfast, it's 22,000yen, if I'm not mistaken. The rate will be slightly higher for other partner airline members and of course higher for standard rate.

    you know, he actually hid in the cupboard and played hide and seek with Zaini. ;)

  13. @tornadoes28,
    given the location, it was a good price.

    @poetic shutterbug,
    Yep, although the room was small, it was nice enough. And stylish too. :)

  14. that sounds like a value-for-money accommodation with great location. what a great find.

    btw, Selamat Hari Raya!

  15. @Life Ramblings,
    What's better was that I paid using my JAL coupon instead of money, redeeming both our mileage and Zaini's Marriot Rewards points. There will be another hotel stay which we will pay using those coupon of ours.

  16. Nice place. Presentation of the place looks good too!

    Reasonable price, good location... what more to ask :).

  17. @ladyviral,
    true, what more to ask. Some more, paid with mileage coupon instead of $$$. Literally free stay.


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