Sunday, 20 September 2009

Eating In Tokyo - Day 1

After a rest in our room, we head out to check out the nearby area (Ginza and Shiodome).

Raimie of course can't resist asking us to buy him a drink and whining about being soooo thirsty after passing by all those drinks vending machines. So we got him one with a cute can for 100yen. We later re-used that can and put plain water instead. Better to drink water and not too much of sugary drinks.

Random photo of octopus in a supermarket opposite of Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

Bought Raimie some Sushi at a basement food area in Shimbashi station. It was just 490yen, which he ate on an outdoor bench at Shiodome Tower.

Dinner was at this shop, located at Yurakucho station.

We entered the shop, placed our order at the cashier, paid up and was shown to a table upstairs.
Our table. It was quite spacious and as we were there before 6.00pm, no other guests were there yet. What we ate:

Raimie's salmon set at 590yen. The salmon, unfortunately was a bit hard and dry.
Zaini's Sanma set. Again, the fish was grilled until it became a bit too dry.
My set at 960yen. It was nice and really filling. But what I love the most was the gobo (burdock root) side dish provided. Yummy!

Food came within minutes after we were seated. A staff showed us a table, took our receipt and voila, food was served. Pretty efficient.

Dinner was just 2,360yen. Pretty affordable, right? What shall we eat tomorrow, I wonder? ^-^


  1. Such a feast, wow, it looks as if you are having a great time.

  2. So many octopuses? I actually don't like to eat octopus! The salmon a bit dry? I thought the Japanese would do a better job than Malaysian Japanese restaurant, no?

  3. So gobo is burdock root? New Japanese name for me, haha. Wah! Efficient service? Not bad lah. No need to wait till you are starving for the food to arrive.

    2,360 yen - is that about RM90?

    Can't wait to see what you all eat tomorrow! : )

  4. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    So far it's been great. Can't believe we are ending the week already!

  5. @foong,
    Efficient service is almost a guarantee in Japan. ;)A bit sayang about the meal but overall, we were happy. And yes, about RM90 but we never convert what we pay... else we stop using money at all! Anything below 3,000yen for three of us, we consider it a bargain.

  6. Japanese give such good service? Now if only Malaysins are like them. Didn't Tun Dr M teach us to look east?

    Yes, better not convert the yen to ringgit, just enjoy yourself there!

    Btw, wishing you an advanced Happy Birthday! So happy lah you can celebrate your birthday in Japan some more! You couldn't have gone to Japan at a better time!

    Can't wait to read how you celebrate your birthday! : )

  7. @foong,
    now you know why I'm so fussy when I'm in Malaysia. I compare the service to Japan! :)

    Thanks for the wish. Got birthday present for me or not? :)

    Birthday will be a non-event this time, I think. After all we have a two week celebration already. ^-^

  8. must be deli!

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

  9. @SJ,
    ditto. Warm up the food in a microwave, instead of having a cook prepared them. :D

  10. like the blog hows it goin? if you have the time check out my blog>>> <<< thanks for your time

  11. cool, than can for the juice can be re-used!

    even i might be persuaded to get one too! haha!

    the sushis look appetizing, too bad i can't really have sushis now coz of raw meat. bad for baby =(

  12. @kastz,
    cool. Will check your blog later.

    never mind, you'll be eating sushi after this. :-)


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