Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Japan Gets New Government

Tokyo wakes up to a new political reality after a general election that is expected to see the ruling coalition government losing power for the first time in 50 years.

Sunday's victory by Democratic Party of Japan ends a half-century of almost unbroken rule by the Liberal Democratic Party and breaks a deadlock in parliament, ushering in a government that has promised to focus spending on consumers, cut wasteful budget outlays and reduce the power of bureaucrats.

And how this affect me? Yen gets stronger and I haven't changed any RM to Yen yet! Argh!!!


  1. I'm optimistically skeptical that there will be any real change. One can hope though!

  2. @sixmats,
    Yeah, one can hope... XD

  3. Change is good. Gets ride of the old, complacent, corrupt etc and hopefully ushers in new hope and better things.

  4. I mean gets rid of the......hehe.

  5. @Mei Teng,
    I'd like to see a a certain "leader" in Malaysia who is way past his time step down and let others from his community leads as a change.

  6. Arrrgh, that hurts! you should've changed your currencies already

  7. Well, they promised not to raise the tax to expand welfare state, which is a good thing too. I think i'll not be able to survive if they ever increase the tax again. And hopefully, the new prime minister will keep up to his promises... :D

  8. Hurry go change before it gets even more stronger...

  9. @Cindy,
    hope there'll be change for the better in Japan.

    I'm seriously hoping it'll go down a bit next week.


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