Sunday, 13 September 2009

New Haircuts For Us

New haircuts for me and Zaini. We went to Jantzen on Friday for our haircut. And yes, we share the same stylist. Actually, I used his and liked her so much I now only want her to cut my hair too.

Zaini said he went for an Eun Ji Won; a Korean Hip Hop singer inspired hairdo. Zaini knows I'm an addict of KBS' 1 night 2 days show in which Ji Won is a member. You should Zaini's head on the other side. He had it shaved a line there.

Now, he only needs to buy a thick frame spectacles to complete the look. ;)

I had my hair cut shorter this time. I joked that my new hair is inspired by Zaini's latest favourite anime: Pumpkin Scissor. Any resemblance with 2nd Lt Alice L Malvin? Wahaha

How about Raimie? Both Zaini and I jokingly agreed that he should have a haircut to resemble MC Mong;another Korean Hip Hop artist. LOL. However, we can't be too creative with Raimie's hair because he is after all, a schoolboy. He'll be hauled by the Discpline teacher if he sports a way too funky hairstyle. :) Anyway, Raimie refused to have his haircut at the moment. :D


  1. Wah! So terror! Haircuts like Korean hip hop singer and anime character?

  2. I think Zaini can really be Eun Ji Won once he wear the black spectacles! haha!

    And yours look like Lt Alice at least from the side. Haha!

    Tell you the truth, I hardly know this Korean superstar and hardly watch anime! Haha.

  3. Why Raimie refused to have his hair cut? Maybe he should not cut hair, just wear something on his head that resembles Ultraman, Haha!

  4. @foong,
    still awake? :)

    Hahaha, you think so? Maybe I'll get him a black spectacles for the vacation. :D

    Raimie is his father's son. Both boys spend way too much time taking care of their hair. He wants to be "kakkoi" (cool). Cannot be cool if hair is not long and messy like the heroes in Kamen Rider series. LOL

    Nowadays, he likes to comb his hair to make it resemble Mr SPock. Hahaha

  5. Hehe I like Zaini's hairstyle but I look bad in that though :\

    On the other hand yours look quite chic and in-trend XP

  6. @Jim,
    I like his hairstyle too. He looks younger. ;-)

    Thanks for the compliments. :-)

  7. Haha...I echo Foong's comment. Cool looking couple :)

  8. @Mei Teng,
    You think so? Thanks. :-)

  9. new haircut=new kibun(気分)....

  10. When are you leaving? Wishing you a great Raya hols in Japan :)

  11. cool! you guys know how to have some fun and style!

  12. @Su,
    I'm feeling "perasan" with the new hair. Muahaha!!!

  13. @Mei Teng,
    we are leaving tonight. :)

    How about you? When is your trip to Perth?

  14. Resembles Mr. Spock.. now that is funny hahaha.

    Oh lovely hair cuts! Resembling anime character and stars too!

  15. @ladyviral,
    he think he looks cool resembling Mr Spock. :D

    Hahaha, I think a lot of us emulate stars' hairstyle, don't we? ;-)


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