Saturday, 5 September 2009

Our Anniversary Dinner At Kampachi Restaurant

Yesterday, on a whim, we decided to have a nice dinner out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I know we've celebrated it a week early by going to Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya and spending a night there, but hey one doesn't celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary often, right?

We went straight from Bangsar to Bangi after picking up Raimie from his grandad's house and arrived at the hotel just a few minutes before 7.00pm. The hotel car park was already full by this time! Raimie wasn't too keen going when we informed him that we are not spending the night there, but just for dinner. My son is pampered enough to love his hotel stays.

Unlike Cafe La Vista which was a full house, Kampachi Restaurant was quieter. And that's how we like it.

The place looks different on Saturday as they have a buffet promotion every Saturday and the table partition got put away. When it was up, it lent a certain feeling of privacy for patrons.

We were seated at the exact same table as our previous visit there. Interesting.

We chose the two sets dinner that is on Ramadhan Break Fast Promotion : the Take set (RM58++) and Sakura set (RM68++).

Photos while waiting for food to arrive. Man, my face look fat. ^-^

Drinks - as always, hot green tea for me and iced green tea for Zaini and Raimie. We were also served kurma and air sirap. Which got me questioning why is it that there must be air sirap when one break fast? Hehehe You get air sirap at fast food outlet, cafes even posh restaurants during breaking fast time here in Malaysia.

First to arrive was Yasai Sarada (green salad) for the Sakura set. Way too much dressing on the greens for my taste.

Then came the Take set's Chawan Mushi which was duly handed to Raimie because Raimie loves chawan mushi.
Take set's Shichimi Tofu (grilled beancurd with chilli peppers and bonito). Absolutely heavenly. A must try. I love this dish. Sweet, salty and spicy all mixed together in harmony.

Then came Take Sets's Tempura - prawn, fish and vegetables. All fried to perfection and they came to our table still hot.

Next was the Temaki - Ebi Tempura Temaki for Sakura Set and California Temaki for Take Set.

Tori Teriyaki for the Take Set came after, served in a big plate. The portion was way too big for both of us! I thought that all portions come in small size and boy was I wrong. Both Zaini and I can't even finish this dish.

Followed by Sakura Set's Kinoko Foil Yaki (mushrooms grilled in foil) and Seafood Teppanyaki. Big big prawns. Yummy! Especially when eaten with hot hot rice.

Then came our Miso Shiru (miso soup) with rice. Take Set gets Steamed Rice (it was nice to have a piping hot rice for a change) and for Sakura Set it was Fried Rice. A bowl of rice is good when one can enjoy it eaten simply, and I enjoyed my steamed rice.

Sakura Set's Tori Teppanyaki (chicken), Gyuniku Maki (beef roll) and Yasai Itame (assorted vegetables). The beef was deliciously juicy. Mmmm...

Raimie had something from the ala-carte menu : Oyakodon that came together with a bowl of miso soup.

Our meal ended with dessert. We chose macha ice cream and pancake ice cream.

Dinner was nice and relaxing because it was rather quiet at Kampachi. Sandy, the staff there was very attentive looking after us. We were urged by Sandy to take our time eating them but we know our limits and the two sets we ordered were actually too big for us. We certainly didn't want to over indulge, we tried and finished everything except the chicken dishes and Raimie's oyakodon. I probably should thank the Chef (who was walking around checking on all the guests)for a satisfying dinner but I did not. Chef, the dinner was delicious. Thank you.

Walking back, I was flattered when Sukhbir at the Front Desk greeted me, although I didn't notice it at first. He knew me by sight already! Such an ego booster. And I like my ego to be boosted. Hahaha

We went back early, spending just an hour for dinner. We don't like to dwell over dinner. Got more important stuff we can do at home. *wink* *wink*

Would we return for another visit?Definitely. Not for buffet, so Saturday's dinner would be out. We like the intimate feel we got yesterday, so the next visit would be during a weekday.

We got a nice quiet dinner for our anniversary at Yuzu last year too.


  1. You have a 10th wedding anniversary only once in your life so it is a very special occasion. :)

  2. @ECL,
    True. And hopefully the next will be our 20th. :)

  3. Happy anniversary (again) to you and zainie =) That's a good way of celebrating, I also love to celebrate multiple times =P

    yummy I am ready for my dinner just gonna wait for hubs to be back from work

    happy weekend!

  4. @Ayie,
    Quick and have dinner. :)

    Happy weekend Ayie. Planning to go anywhere?

  5. Nyummy nyummy! Kami pun same gak. Mesti gi mkn on the date walaupun dah dpt hadiah or dah celebrate in advance la konon ;P

  6. Happy anniversary to both you and Zaini!! :) What a sumptous spread of food..yum yum. Raimie took photo of the lovely couple? Zaini and you look alike la :)

  7. what a splendid way of observing your wedding anniversary. and those food sure looks delightful. :)

  8. @Farah,
    tu lah pasal. Konon dah celebrate earlier, tapi mesti nak buat something on the day itself too. :)

  9. @Mei Teng,
    Raimie did take the photo of us! And yes, a lot of ppl say both Zaini and I look alike.

    Ppl said that that's a sign of a compatible partnership, so may ours last till death do us apart. :)

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    Ten years doesn't come often. ;) The food were divine. :)

  11. Happy Anniversary. We just celebrated are 32nd.

  12. @Auntie E,
    Thanks! And Happy 32nd Anniversary to you and hubby too. Wow! 32 years of marriage.

  13. just a little grocery and follow hubs at work, he has to finish something for a deadline so he's in this sat =( tomorrow church as usual =)

  14. Happy Anniversary, Lina :). Lovely food.. and it sure does look like you never get enough of Japanese food hehee.

  15. @Ayie,
    Busy weekend for you. :) Pity your hubby need to work on Sat.

    Happy Monday!

    Thanks! This should be our last Japanese meal in Malaysia before our vacation to Japan. Looking forward for a gastronomic adventure there! :)

  16. Congrats on your anniversary. Glad you had such a nice evening out.

    Hubby and I celebrated our 37th 2 months ago.

    Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated.

    Hope you'll swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

  17. Happy Anniversary lina :-)

    The food is gorgeous !

    I dont know what air sirap is but my moroccan colleague tells me she eats kilo's of sweet dates n drank liters of milk for the duration when breaking the fast in the morning. Quite an eye-opener for me !

  18. @Sandy,
    37 years of marriage. Wow! Hope you had a grand celebration. :)

    Air sirap is essentially water + sugar and red colouring. :D

    We eat lots of dates too breaking fast.

  19. Hepi anniversary...
    larat ke makan all the food tu?

  20. @Su,
    Thanks. :)

    Tak habis jugak. Ayam tak luak sangat pun... Sayang kan? Tak sangka portion dia besar.


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