Thursday, 17 September 2009

We Made It To Japan!

We started our journey at 8.00pm from our home, taking the airport limo. No issues using airport limo services as we had always prefer the taxi rather than the ERL train service. Total fare : RM63.20.

Arrived KLIA Airport half an hour later, to be met with a rather festive airport. KLIA was is Hari Raya mood. :-)

It was smooth sailing through immigration, even though the security checks at KLIA was noticeable more thorough and stricter this time than it had ever been before. Raimie got beeped twice going through the security gate.

However, we weren't so lucky when it came to our flight. Our flight was delayed 3 hours! That 3 hours was spent in the plane waiting for the crew to unload cargo to lighten the load. We were informed that the delay was due to fuel alignment. So, I guess in order to lighten the load some more, we ate snacks, drank our drinks and got our midnight meal all while still on Malaysia soil. Our 10.50pm flight was only took flight at 2.00am! Well, at least we were comfortably seated in the place, and not having to spent the time in the boarding area. Raimie was fast asleep way before the plane took off.

Snacks given out. Even though we might not eat them, these snacks can be a good (and free) souvenirs for friends. Oh yes, Raimie got a model plane too.

Our other meals. Just a light meal given out at midnight, and some chocolate muffins in the wee hours of the morning.
Raimie woke up after just 4 hours' sleep. He was keen to play games and watch movies (and going to the toilet!) Outside view at 6.00am. So bright...

Arriving Narita Airport and going through Immigration went smoothly. The foreign passport holders' lanes were empty so we went through pretty quickly. Baggage also came fast and Customs went smoothly. No need to inspect our luggage. I think the Customs guy would be curious to see that our biggest luggage contains not clothes but Kuih Raya (festive cookies) and Kerepek (crackers).

We went down immediately to the ticket counter area.

The JR East Travel Service Center wasn't open yet, so we headed to the JR ticket counter opposite to buy our JR East Passes.

Of course, you can buy your ticket at the machine too instead of queuing. You can buy your JR train (local), Narita Express and Airport Narita ticket here at the machine. JR Passes have to be bought at selected JR counters and offices.

While Zaini completed our transaction at the JR counter for our JR East passes, I went to the JR East Travel Service Center to hoard their brochures. See that orange brochure on top of the pile? In that brochure contains a few discounts coupons to Museums, Zoo and few attractions so you can save a bit of money by getting one (or two, or three).

Anyway, once the office opened, we went inside to buy our Suica and NEX card. For 3,500yen, we get to board Narita Express and still have 2,00yen in our Suica card (includes 500yen deposit) that can be used to pay for train tickets and purchases too.

If we are not buying the Suica NEX card, we would've chosen to board Keisei train at a mere 1,000yen. It is not an express train, so getting to Tokyo takes a little longer but it is cheap! Alternative to Narita Express would be the Skyliner. All these counter are located next to each other, so no worries. Just head down and choose which line you want to use.

Or, you can use the Airport Limo bus service available upstairs, but taking a bus might mean that your travel time are affected by the traffic condition.

Anyway, Narita Express is pretty comfortable and when we board the train there weren't too many passengers on board.

We arrived Tokyo station safely and one piece at exactly 11.44am, by taking the 10.48am train. Man, I forgot how big is the station.

Next up, our meals on our first day and checking in at a hotel in Ginza.


  1. The 3-hour delay was a bummer but I believe it was worth the wait. My my Lina you so semangat blogging, your blog post's even longer when you're in Japan XD

  2. Have a nice vacation in Japan! Selamat Hari Raya.

  3. glad you arrived safely in Japan. hope you enjoy your vacation.

  4. Welcome to Japan! It's getting pretty chilly these days... I guess it's even colder in Tokyo! wear more and don't catch a cold! Have fun whie you are here and keep me posted! :-)

  5. @Jim,
    Hahaha... Let's just say, the 3 hour delay allowed me to draft an outline for my future posts. :D

  6. @samdaddycool,
    Thanks! :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Thanks. Looking forward to more exciting days ahead here in Japan! BTW, cool photo of the Mount in your blog. Did you climb it? :)

  7. @Cindy,
    Thanks! Glad to arrive in one piece. The temp was of course slightly colder than in KL but still quite warm. I had to wear short sleeved shirt otherwise I'll be too warm.

  8. laaa... dah sampai sana dah ker... sori la.. lama tak baca blog.. apapon selamat bercuti la yer.. take care.. selamat hari raya.. maaf zahir batin...

  9. aiyohhh.... 3 hours' delay sitting in the plane!

    Glad that yoy are finally in Japan!! Wheee! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. :)

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. i actually took the short cut way to reach the peak. we can drive up to the mountain's base.

    enjoy your sightseeing and take care.

  11. @kasih nash,
    Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

    Takpe, time nak raya ni mesti bizi kan? :)

  12. @ECL,
    Lucky Raimie wasn't fidgeting all that much. Being sleepy helps I suppose. ;)

    7 hours' flight turned to 10 hours! Anyway, at least we weren't left at the airport. That'll be much more uncomfortable.

  13. @Life Ramblings,
    How long do you need to hike using the shortcut. Truth be told, I have yet been to that mountain peak. ;)

  14. 3 hours waiting in the plane? Wah! I can't tahan wait so long and the plane still at the same spot!

    Wah! Brought a lot of kueh raya to Japan? LOL!

    You seem to have a lot of choices when it comes to transportation! I am a bit confused with all the choices already! : )

  15. @foong,
    everybody on that plane (Japanese make up 90% of the passengers) were pretty patient that night/morning. What to do. Sit and bear with it lah...

    6 times to Japan what... Now already tried all and compare. ;)

  16. glad to know you arrived safe despite the delay, enjo your family trip and i'll be tuned for for more of your adventures. =)

  17. @Ayie,
    Thanks Ayie. Can't believe we are already in Day 3 of our vacation. Time sure flies when one is having fun, huh? ;)

  18. glad to hear you are having a blast there! take care!

  19. 3hour delay? Make them give you more snacks! So you can share with us! hahaha :P

  20. @Ayie,

    ya, should hoard more snacks to pass all around! :D

  21. >>No issues using airport limo services as we had always prefer the taxi rather than the ERL train service. Total fare : RM63.20.

    So how come I need to pay RM160? Just because I'm orang puteh? :) I need to brush up my bahasa (gimme discount lah)

  22. @wakanai,
    I don't know about you, but using Airport Limo, the price structure is standard accroding to zones and car types. And bookings to airport are always made through the customer svc line (they do accept online reservation now) and use coupons.

    From airport, we also never use the touts service and rather make arrangement at the airport limo counter right after customs clearance. We did pay more, when we had boxes and boxes to lug in the car boot - I think I paid RM104.20 for one trip using a bigger car.

    Of course, if I stay in say.... Batang Kali as opposed to Bangsar or Serdang or PJ, the fares would be so much higher, kan? XD


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