Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Window Shopping In Kappabashi-dori

After checking out from Nikko Hotel in Ginza, we head off to Asakusa. We will be staying there at Toyoko-Inn Senzoku for a night before making our way to Nyuto Onsen the day after.

Checking-in completed, we went out to explore Kappabashi-dori, the famous kitchen town located between Ueno and Asakusa. Here in Kappabashi, one can find an excellent array of specialized stores for ceramics, dishes, cooking utensils, stoves, tables, chairs, signs, lanterns, food packaging, bento boxes and what many tourists would associate the place for : plastic/wax food.

Starting point for our adventure to Kappabashi. Mark that huge statue of a chef to start off your culinary adventure here.
Ceramics shops
Plastic food shops abound here. Mind you, these plastic food don't come cheap! A small keychain of a sushi can cost more than 700yen. For us, we just enjoyed browsing around and marvelling at how realistic and delicious all those food looked.
Uniforms, anyone?
Oden pot? We would've gotten one if not for the high price. :D
Looking at some Jyu boxes in a lacquerware shop. We plan to buy a couple before we head home.

It was easy to pass time in Kappabashi. A few hours went by and Raimie didn't even complain. With plenty of plastic food shops for him to enter, and a few wholesalers selling food items, he had as much as we did. We even got excited going in to one of the wholesaler selling food items and Zaini even contemplated buying a jar of umeboshi because they were so cheap there.

For this visit, we didn't buy anything yet as we will be moving around quite a lot. We will return to Kappabashi again soon and do some serious damage on our wallets soon.


  1. it's good to shop around even just to window shop, such a feast to the eyes!

    since you'll be moving around it's better not to load up on souvenirs just yet +)

  2. looks like your japan tour is really fun packed lina! asakusa is a great place! Did you visit any shrine?

  3. @Ayie,
    No visit to Asakusa Jinja or Senso-ji just yet. No big on our list as we've always stayed in Asakusa during our previous visits and we used to go through the place daily.

  4. Wow! What a huge chef head on top of the building! So expensive, those plastic food! Spend a few hours in Kappabashi? Lots of window shopping, eh?

    Err, what is umeboshi?

  5. @foong,
    huge isn't it? Can't miss the chef! :D

    Umeboshi is pickled ume fruit. They are salty and sour. Absolutely nice eaten with hot piping rice.


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