Monday, 26 October 2009

Ekiben - On the SL Ban Etsu Monogatari

Our bought ekiben in the SL Ban Etsu Monogatari-go. Read more about the SL Ban Etsu Monogatari-go here.
Instead of the food/snack trolley pushed by a train attendant in other long distance train, this locomotive has a shop selling food items, drinks and souvenir items. Customers buying things at this shop got postcards as free gifts.
We bought the only two ekibens that didn't contain "buta" (pork) and a miniature SL train. We had to wait patiently for others to finish their purchases before we can ask the shop staff about the ekiben ingredients. Lucky for us, the staff was nice and patient enough to answer all our questions about the food ingredients. We would have gotten an exasperated look from the staff and other customers if we were to do this in Malaysia (or any other Asian country).
Our meal - salmon eggs, lotus root, bamboo shoots, mountain vegetables, kamaboko, mushrooms amongst others. The green wrapped item in the ekiben in the front was dango wrapped in a leaf. There were actually pieces of chicken inside, but we just push them aside. :(
One of the ekiben covers had this train cut-out. A pretty nifty souvenir to bring back home.

All ekibens come with a pair of chopstick, a toothpick and a wet towel. A complete set to enjoy your meal without worries.
Our miniature train. Zaini is a train nut, both riding one and playing with them.


  1. I like the cut-out train. Neat!

  2. Wow the cut-out train sure is nice!

    I love trains too (not KTM yea...), I do wish I can have a full set model of a train... it would be fun :P.

  3. In Malaysia, I think even if shops like this were to give free postcards, I think most of them will be found back on the floor nearby the shop :(.

  4. @Mei Teng,
    pretty neat. And to think it came with a packed lunch. Wish can have such cool souvenir when we tapau food here. LOL

  5. @ladyviral,
    You love trains too. Cool! :)

    True, some of the postcards will be just discarded if it is done here. Different mentality, I guess.
    There, everyone was busy stamping away (there's a chop available with the train's mascot) that you can stamp on the postcard or anywhere you fancy for keepsake.

  6. Hiya Lina! a toy train and cutout! that's so nice to have, we want to have a hobby room in the future with a long train track all around the room and with miniature houses and shops just like a real small community!

  7. @Ayie,
    We would love to have a similar room. As it is, Zaini and Raimie's train set are stashed away in the store room. Maybe we need to buy a new house with extra room for that. :D

  8. The cut out train would definitely make a nice souvenir!

  9. the cut out train looks pretty cool and cute. :)

  10. @foong,
    we are definitely keeping it. :)

  11. @Life Ramblings,
    It is, right? So creative to do that for a food cover.

  12. Wow a train mascot huh?

    Here I think the garbage can will get the postcards as stamps... that or people's shoe print because it will be on the pavement :/.

  13. @ladyviral,
    everything also got mascot there... :D


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