Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Enjoying A Bowl Of Oden At Home

We've been back from our vacation in Japan less than 1 week and still missing the good food there. One of the food that we set out to eat in Japan was oden and there will be one post about us venturing to the back alleys of Asakusa to find oden. And no, we didn't buy the oden at a konbini.

We decided to have an oden meal at home during the weekend because both Zaini and I do like to eat oden.
Oden soup mix bought at Jusco.
Some stuff to put into the pot. Nothing much because this was my first try cooking oden at home. We got a daikon, chikuwa, eggs, atsuage and some other deep fried stuff.
Everything simmering away in a pot. Pretty soon, our house were filled with the smell of oden. No worries, we love the smell.
Time to eat!

A friend asked me whether oden would be similar to yong tau foo. I guess in some ways but unlike yong tau foo where we blanched the food items in hot water just in a few minutes, items for oden are simmered quite long. Any other thoughts on oden from those in Japan?


  1. I'm back Lina...and I'm fc again =)

  2. so so cruel....i want your oden too but i'm in strict nutritional diet. They are checking my sugar i wish i can just eat whatever i want!

  3. it looks so tasty...maybe you can courier that to me too! haha! i know i'm dreaming...not possible at all!

  4. @Ayie,
    Hi ya! Looks like you are back with a vengeance. LOL

    Hang in there with your diet Ayie! I know you can. :-) I was lucky my pregnancy was a breeze. But then, I enjoyed food so much, I put on an extra 14kg during my pregnancy. Quite hard to shed all the lbs afterwards. @_@

    I'll try and courier if I can. LOL But better to courier from Japan than Malaysia. More authentic. ^-^

  5. Morning Lina and Ayie!

    Waaa yummy food! Making go hungry in the early mornings now.

  6. @ladyviral,
    hahaha.... now can go for lunch oredi. :)

  7. I have never tasted oden before. It's a soup dish with lots of different ingredients thrown in?

  8. @Mei Teng,
    Yup, throw anything and everything in. LOL

    I don't know whether my description would be apt, but it kinda taste like your leftover miso soup with things thrown but with more "pekat" taste. Make sense?

  9. i haven't tasted oden before and you're making me hungry at this hour.

  10. Never tasted oden before! Wonder how it taste like!

  11. Hi LadyV...goodmorning to you too! though I'm a day delayed =P

    oh i'm just playing around with the is so strict here now. my mom can't even send much canned goods and other treats from the Phils.

    I am being obedient with the diet though not too hard for me since I really almost eat just like that. I just hate the timing coz i prefer heavier meals for breakfast and least for dinner. Now it's reversed. Also need to do blood sugar monitor, my poor fingers always getting pricked 4x a day. =(

  12. @Life Ramblings & Foong,
    Some Japanese restaurant here offer oden in their menu but like eating oden in Japan (other than the ones sold at convenience stores) it can be an expensive affair!

    Maybe I have to invite you guys for an oden makan so that you can have a taste. Oden open house, maybe? LOL

  13. @Ayie,
    Poor you. Do take care of yourself and baby, you hear? :-)


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