Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Getting A Complete Breakfast At Toyoko Inn

All Toyoko Inn hotels in Japan provide free breakfast for their guests. Most branches that we went to previously offered Japanese breakfasts which consisted of onigiri (rice balls), miso soup and assorted array of pickles apart from green tea and coffee. There are exception to this. At Toyoko Inn Nanba guests were served freshly baked bread for breakfasts. For us, we love the Japanese breakfast!

For our personal experience, having stayed at more than half a dozen Toyoko Inn chain around Japan, this particular branch offers the most delicious array of breakfast. And that's why my tummy is getting rounder and rounder each day we are in Japan. I ate too much for breakfast because breakfast was such a feast!
Coffee machine in the dining hall, offering black coffee, American coffee and espresso. Coffee is available for guests to enjoy all day long. So far, this branch had the most coffee offered at the coffee machine. Previously at other Toyoko Inns, it usually was a pot of coffee made available at the lobby area.
One side of the dining area. The biggest dining area of all Toyoko Inn chain we've stayed in. But during the public holiday period, this area was so packed that guests were allowed to bring up their food tray to their respective room to enjoy their breakfast. After the public holiday (Sep 25 onwards) breakfast time was much quieter.Onigiri (rice balls), rice in rice cooker, furikake, pickles, miso soup and tea to choose from this table. Pretty generous with the buffet selection what with the Japanese breakfast of rice and miso soup but also bread with toaster available. The pantry ladies who were responsible for the delicious breakfasts were very efficient replenishing everything too.

We really, really ate well there.Bread with margarine and strawberry jam selection. Also available here are some Japanese style veges, salad and sausages with ketchup and mustard available.
Raimie enjoying breakfastRaimie's big breakfast on our first morning there. Pickles were a must for him and Zaini.

Our breakfasts on subsequent days while we were staying at the hotel. The ones with pickles were Zaini's and the ones with bread was mine.
I ate plenty of gobo while in Tokyo! Coffee, bread, onigiri, hot rice and miso soup. Hot tea for Zaini and orange juice for Raimie. What more could I want for a breakfast?


  1. As much as I enjoy Japanese food, having rice, miso soup and the like for breakfast may be abit weird for me. Good thing they have baked bread and sausages.

  2. oh this made me hungry good thing time for lunch! i better grab some food =)

  3. heartful dishes for your breakfast... i love heavy breakie =)

  4. now i know what's the slimming gel is for! hahaha

  5. @Mei Teng,
    You have to try them first. I actually enjoyed having rice and miso soup early in the morning after that. :-)

  6. @Ayie,
    Hahaha... true! Need to use the slimming gel after all the eating at the hotel! :-)

  7. what a sumptuous breakie. i think i just gained 5 pounds looking at these pics. :)

  8. ask for more sashimi hahhaah :P

  9. Tell them you didn't have enough yesterday night :P.

    Oh such delicacies! Healthy breakfast too... yum yum yum!

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    I felt that way too, looking at the buffet spread. But then, cannot pass up the opportunity to eat lah... :D

  11. @ladyviral,
    yummy breakfast, a great way to start the day of our Japan vacation. :-)

  12. Wow! You all had such a feast for breakfast! I'm drooling looking at these food!

    LOL at Ayie's comment regarding the slimming gel. You sure need one after every breakfast! Haha!

  13. wow, what delicious eats for breakfast. I do love miso soup though have never had it for breakfast. It all looks and sounds wonderful.

  14. @foong,
    this branch of Toyoko Inn provided the best selection of breakfast amongst all the Toyoko Inn we've been to.

    That's why have to keep quiet about the location, afraid you guys go there in droves! LOL

  15. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    Well, I had miso soup for breakfast in Japan only. :-)

    They were all delicious. I'm kinda missing those yummy breakfast now (while chowing down a piece of toast, now). :D

  16. Gives you a refreshing start for the day... Good way indeed :).

  17. @ladyviral,
    and those heavy breakfast help to save cost on lunch too! Because we won't be needing to eat a heavy lunch. :D


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