Monday, 5 October 2009

A Japanese Feast - Breakfast At Taenoyu Onsen

If at 5.00am the hall and baths were pretty deserted but by 6.00am, the staff were already up and about. Despite them being busy sending trays and trays of food to the two dining halls for breakfast, they didn't make any noise at all. I on the other hand felt like I was a baby elephant with my heavy footsteps. The day before, we had already set 7.30am for our breakfast. Knowing that we came by bus and train (shinkansen) the staff checked on whether the timing would be OK for us.
Last night's dinner was at the lounge so for breakfast we got to eat in the Japanese dining room. I came in wearing just my yukata. A bad idea if you can't stand sitting with your legs folded under. Can't sit cross-legged because I'll be revealing too much!
Raimie was given a small table on his own, seen here holding a piece of nori.
Me, in my yukata
We ate almost all the things served, including the natto. We didn't inform before hand that we wanted to avoid certain meat dishes for breakfast (we took it for granted there weren't going to be any for breakfast) but there were some bacon ready to be grilled included in our breakfast that we were suppose to crack an egg over it. We declined to eat that and the staff quickly extinguish the burner. Not seen in the photo are the rice and miso soup.

Everything was great and both Zaini and I both agree that the natto served here was way way better than the ones we ate previously (in Japan and Malaysia). Before our breakfast ended, Raimie was given some grapes. Smaller grapes than what Raimie had before in Tokyo. A bit different in taste but still absolutely yummy!
And we were asked whether we would like some coffee. I just love the coffee cup and the presentation.Not to mention the wooden spoon.

The staff remarked that we ate our breakfast far too quickly. LOL No time to sit around unfortunately. We need to pack up and wait for our bus!

Talking about bus, when you check-out, a staff will send you until you enter your car and wave you goodbye until you were out of sight. Then, she will bow deeply for a few seconds and wish you well. We witnessed this because the mother and daughter whom I wrote about in earlier post checked-out before us. A staff would have waited for us while we waited for our bus, but that would put too much strain for her (by having to converse with us) and for us too. Sensing that we like to be left alone, she went inside but quickly came out when the bus approached the ryokan. She waved us goodbye and off we went back to the city with a heavy heart.

It was definitely a great experience, and we are looking forward to such experience again in future. Even if it meant that we need for fork out a pretty sum to pay for a night's stay (for our standard, that is)! Actually, a night's stay here cost just a bit more than what we would've paid at Nikko Ginza (and at Nikko, we didn't get any dinner or breakfast).


  1. Wow...Japanese hospitality and customer service at its best isn't? :)

  2. @Mei Teng,
    One of the best. :)

  3. most Japanese are very nice people. they are very polite in many ways and they are also concern about efficiency, effectiveness and other criterias.

  4. Wow! Really good service from the Japanese! I would like to go there one day!

  5. @Life Ramblings,
    Most of them were indeed nice, just as most of Malaysian are nice too. (wahaha... so diplomatic of me!)

    The efficiency and excellent service are some of things I miss about Japan. (You should know that Japanese can be quite the complainer too...)

  6. @foong,
    You can expect good service almost everywhere.

    Go lah, tickets can be cheap, and lodging can be too. I'll be posting about our rather cheap accommodation in three or four days' time. Check it out!

  7. Oh look at that place. you're making me miss sushi more now... I have been missing it since last month! or more now!

  8. Well, female in Yukatas are not meant to sit cross-legged :P.

    I guess that is why they made yukatas and kimonos that way hahaha.

    So you need to sit on the legs.

  9. @ladyviral,
    if you miss sushi now, wait till my post on sushi next (I think it's only coming up in December at the rate I'm going now) Hehehe...

    Ya, true. Need to sit ladylike but I cannot sit with my legs folded under me. It'll get numb in no time! :D

  10. Japan's culture, tradition and manners are very very good. That's what i'm really so amazed about them.

    Since you're wearing a yukata, you should've sat on knees folded like a kneeing position though it's tiring.

    I love the presentation of japanese foods, you can never go wrong with that!

  11. @Ayie,
    I know, I know. But getting a numb feet won't help me enjoy the meal. LOL

    The food presentation are always awesome. It's a visual feast too, apart from a gastronomic one. :)

  12. i completely understand, I'd rather cross legs /indian sit than folded knees! i can't bear it long enough! hahaha so funny of me suggesting in which i can't do myself!

  13. I know how it feels to get numb... but don't say... crossed-leg gets numb too! ahaha!

    Sushi post?! Waaaa... I better go eat sushi before you post it lah :P.

  14. @Ayie & ladyviral,
    Lucky now I don't need to sit cross-legged much (or the other more ladylike way - bersimpuh : beats me how its' called in English). :D

    don't worry - my sushi post will not be coming this month. LOL
    Going for Sushi King RM2 promotion next week or not?

  15. Wow.. how nice to hear that you had such a wonderful time at Taenoyu. We (Im representing from Tazawako Tourism Association) definitely value and appreciate your opinion. Taenoyu is one of the most fashionable and heart-warming place to stay and we strongly recommend. Thank you again!

    P.S. I'm always looking forward to reading your blog entries.. it's so much fun!

  16. @TTA,
    Yes, we definitely had a good time at Taenoyu. Highly recommended from us three. :-)

    The experience there made us wanna come back for the same awesome experience in future.

  17. Yes please do come back! And let us know next time!

  18. @TTA,
    Maybe we'll see you next year! Who knows? ;)


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